7/24/20 - Please read carefully as we are not accepting  applications at this time.  

During the COVID-19 pandemic GRIN suspended the acceptance of new foster and adoption applications.  There were a number of applications already in various stages of the application process when everything was put on hold .  As things are beginning to open up we are working our way through those applications as a priority.   Please also note the intake of new dogs has decreased during this period therefore we do not have many dogs in our care at this time.  We periodically post updates on this page so please feel free to check back. Thank you!


To adopt or foster:

- You MUST live in the GRIN service area (adoption maps to the right) and be able to demonstrate a history of vet care in accordance with your veterinarian's recommendations. That includes annual heartworm testing and consistent heartworm prevention.  If you do not meet the vet requirements or live in our service area please do not submit an application as it will be rejected. 

If you have read through the adoption process details, meet the residence and vet requirements and would like to move forward with fostering or adopting one of the dogs listed above we invite you to complete an online application.  Note if you do not meet the current requirements your application will not be accepted.  Please note this is not personal.  

Please be prepared to be patient as we are an all-volunteer organization and the application process can take up to 5 weeks.  We carefully match the Goldens with their forever homes based on the needs of the dog and the family, not the order in which the application was received. 


To be considered for any of the dogs in

process, you must first complete our application process and be approved to adopt. The application process consists of these steps:

Step 1:  Complete the online adoption application: . After submitting your application, a reference from your veterinarian is sought. Please be sure to contact your vet to give them permission to speak with our volunteer.  After we have completed the vet check, you will then be contacted for a phone interview. 

Step 2:  If all of step one goes well, your application is moved to the next stage – a home visit.  All family members must be present during the home visit – No Exceptions. We are an all-volunteer organization and will work with you to accommodate your schedule as well as ours. 

Step 3:  Once you have been approved for adoption, you will be contacted regarding a possible match for your family.  It could be a day, several weeks or several months.  We work very hard to match the right dog with the right family based on the dog’s needs and those requirements you, too, have requested.  We use the information you provided in your application, the home interview and home visit along with the evaluation provided by the foster home for every dog in the program. 

Step 4:  When a match for your family has been identified, you will receive a call from a member of the adoption team followed by a call from the foster family.  The foster family will provide you with his/her observations and information about the dog’s habits and temperament. This is also your opportunity to ask specific questions about the dog.  You and the foster family, together, determine if you should proceed to the next step – a “meet & greet”. The “meet & greet” takes place at the foster home since this is the environment the golden is most comfortable.  Every member of the household, including dogs, must be present at the “meet & greet.” 

Step 5:  Decision time.  Do not expect to take your golden home after this first meeting.  This is an important decision and can be very emotional. We want you to go home and think about it carefully, discuss with your family to ensure you are making the best decision for all.  We ask that you contact the Adoption Coordinator with your decision the following day.  While you are making your decision, the foster family will also be communicating with the Adoption Coordinator to provide their feedback.  If everyone agrees the “meet & greet” was successful, we move forward with finalizing the adoption details.   

Step 6:  Adoption meeting.  Bring anyone you would like to the meeting.  Come prepared to review and sign the contract and pay the adoption fees.   You will receive any medical information from the GRIN vet including medications and instruction, if any, during this meeting.  

Our job at GRIN doesn’t end when you sign the adoption papers.  We will follow-up with you periodically and welcome you to contact us with any questions post adoption.  Transitioning a new “family member” can be difficult and we want to help make your experience a positive one.  Thank you for supporting rescue!

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 Current GRIN Adoption Fees (Effective September, 2019)

Pup to 12 months $500
1-3 years $400
4-7 years $300
8+ Golden Gems $150
Special Needs Determined on a case by case basis
Pairs $50 off adoption fee of each dog based on age