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GRIN tries to make every effort to keep this page current and up to date. Please keep in mind that by the time you submit an application and are going through the approval process, some of dogs pictured below may already be in the process of meeting and being adopted by other approved applicants.

The average ages of our rescued Goldens are 6-10 years of age, however GRIN does occasionally receive younger dogs that are in need of a home.  If you are interested in adopting a young dog, please do not wait until you see one on our website to apply for adoption.  Our approval process takes approximately 2-4 weeks to complete and by the time you have been approved for adoption, the younger dog will have already been placed into a loving home. Please start the application process now so that you can be on a waiting list for when GRIN does have younger dogs available.

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Gender: Female  Age:  10 months old

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fenceNeeds to have a fenced environment and would benefit from obedience training. schoolbus

Neve is adorable and gorgeous cream girl! She came in “leaking” and it’s suspected she has an ectopic ureter.

Several GRIN Dogs have had this issue - a surgery usually will correct the problem. In the meantime, she’s been cleared to head to foster while we schedule follow up exam and possible surgery. Check back for details!

Update: 8/11/20

Neve was spayed and had major surgery to try and correct the ectopic ureter. She did great during surgery and had her left kidney  & ectopic ureter removed.  The vet felt her best chance at this condition being corrected was having her bladder pulled up and forward and then stitched along with a few other adjustments. Neve was a trooper through It all. Neve is on very strict cage rest for six weeks and only allowed out to potty...not easy for a puppy!  Neve’s expenses are significant and she most likely has a follow up or two in her future so please consider making a donation to help offset her expenses. 

Update: 8/5/20

Neve came to GRIN when she was just 8 weeks old from a puppy mill. Even though she was a puppy you could see was incontinent and our vet partner suspected she had an ectopic ureter.  Neve went into a foster home and  was described as a “normal” puppy who wears cute diapers.  She was seen by OSU Veterinary Medical Center for additional testing and was diagnosed with ectopic ureters and surgery was recommended.  Surgery followed and they were able to laser the ureter and urethral sphincter.  While they were performing the surgery, a few abnormalities were noted,  one being with a kidney that appeared to be non-functioning.  Following surgery Neve was still “leaking” when active and medical management was discussed.  Neve was put on Proin.  She continued to leak when excited and wears diapers when moving freely in the house.  She does not wear diapers for naps or bedtime and the amount of time she is wearing a diaper needs to be minimal to avoid infections.  Overall the leaking is fairly well controlled but there is room for improvement.  GRIN is in continual contact with her vet at OSU to make sure she is taking the right dosage of Proin and recently had her dosage increased. The increase seems to have helped and Neve mainly leaks in the morning now . Additional procedures may be necessary for Neve and one option is a collagen injection.  The hope is this would help thicken the urethra in the hope it would improve her ability to retain urine.  The cost for each injection is $1800-$2500.  It is not a permanent fix and it is unknown how long it will last.  Given Neve’s young age it is likely that she would require multiple injections throughout her life to have a lasting effect.  The collagen injection can be done once Neve has her first heat cycle, which recently happened, and after she is spayed. Neve is on her way to OSU tomorrow to have a special test called a GFR (kidney function study) done prior to the spay.  If things  look reasonable we are hopeful Neve can be spayed in the following week or two.  As a last resort, occluder surgery can be an option.  While it may have  more permanent results than the collagen injections it is not without complications.  In Neve’s case, her urethra length may prevent her from being a suitable candidate for this procedure.  Neve is described as a funny, happy, silly girl and will be a great family pet but she does come with some additional needs.  Her ideal adopter should live near OSU, or a vet who can administer collagen injections if/as needed, or be willing to drive her to a clinic for this. Stay tuned for the next update after Neve’s spay and we hope to have more answers then. 

Foster Update: 6/23/20

Balls, bones and belly rubs. These are this girl's favorite things. Honorable mentions include food, wrestling with other pups, and chasing lightening bugs after dark. Neve definitely is a cool weather gal, preferring to be outside in the mornings and staying indoors in the air conditioning when it warms up. She's learning to "wait" before she is given the okay to eat from her slow feeder bowl.

She most definitely loves water! She dips her paws in the water fountains/bowls and loves to play with the hose and sprinkler in the yard. Once she is spayed and it's safe for her to be at dog parks with swimming ponds, you'll likely spend countless hours there while she tires herself out. She's just fun, happy, silly, and will be a great family pet!

Foster Update: 5/26/20

Neve’s becoming an adjusted, well-behaved member of her foster family. She’s comfortable with the routine and schedule. She’s fantastic in her crate. She even prefers to use the crate when traveling by automobile. She loves children, dog, and cats. She still has a few puppy tendencies but will be easy to train because she listens well and loves treats. And if you love the water, she does too!! She’s really excited to meet her fur-ever family. Here’s a few pictures of her eating ice cream for the first time.

Foster Update: 5/1/20

It's love at first sight with Neve! This silly ball of white fur is super sweet, extremely playful, enjoys her toys and is not opposed to snuggling. She is starting to open up to strangers, especially children. If you get some ice, don't forget to grab some cubes for her because this girl loves ice cubes. Actually anything that's water she loves such as puddles, spray bottles, bath tubs. She's doing really well with walking on a leash. She doesn't pull much and enjoys the occasional visit with the neighbor dogs. But her all time favorite is food! She loves dog food, dog treats and especially loves cucumber slices and carrots. She knows sit and is working on down and paw. There is no doubt she's a heart breaker!  

Foster Update: 4/20/20

Neve continues to grow and play and do all the puppy things in foster. She particularly loves to empty the toy bin every chance she gets. The squeakier, the better. Oh, and BALLIES! She also enjoys watching animal videos on smartphones, curious and confused (head tilts and all), but she’s still not a fan of people on the tv screen. They’re far too big and not responsive to her barking (why won’t they leave? Or pet her?! Neve is a sweet, quirky little pup who will no doubt bring her furever family so much joy and laughter.

Foster Update: 3/10/20

Neve is doing so well and is growing up! She’s mastered the stairs, emptying the toy bin, and is learning to sit and wait before diving into her meals. While she loved playing in the snow, she equally loves dirt and a good stick. She’s still her hilarious, little sassy self but is becoming more snuggly and has figured out that all she has to do is roll over and she’s assured some serious belly scratches. She’s still a little “leaky” until her next surgery, but she takes her medicine like a champ and has no idea she’s got anything but pure cuteness going on. Plus, she’s even softer than she looks! 

Foster Update: 2/12/20

Little Neve is doing so well! She’s growing up and showing so much personality now. Her current interests include being outside no matter what the weather, tennis balls, nylabones bigger than her little head, and munching on ice cubes. She is now using a slow feeder bowl to help prevent her from being Ms. Pac-Man at mealtime. Neve knows to sit when asked or when she wants a treat and knows “go to bed” to head to her crate. She is also now able to sleep through the night without a potty break.

Foster Update: 1/8/20

Neve is doing well in her foster home. She’s growing on schedule and did great at her recent vet visit for her booster shots. She’s full of energy, loves to play, and has mastered chasing and catching her tail. She’s very animated and genuinely excited about everything new she experiences. She’s also a cuddle bug, and loves to curl up on the couch in the evening with both humans and dogs.

Foster Update: 12/23/19

Neve is doing very well in her foster home, being a totally normal puppy who just happens to wear cute diapers around the house.  She loves playing with the resident dogs and has no idea how little she is. She loves to play tug, chew on toys, run around in the yard, and wrestle. Sitting still for pictures isn’t her strong suit; she much prefers action shots. She tolerates her booty baths quite well to keep her skin and fur clean and the staining is slowly coming out. She eats &  drinks well and potties outside like a good growing girl.

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Common Questions and Answers

Unfortunately, we are limited to where we have volunteers to support our activities. GRIN’s adoption process includes a home visit, and we must remain in the area in which our home visit volunteers are willing to travel. For a Golden rescue in your area, please visit GRCA Rescue by State.
Now that you have applied for a GRIN dog, we trust you like and understand the Golden Retriever and are knowledgeable about the breed’s needs. That being said, here are some reasons why we discourage approved applicants from “picking out” a dog…
Yes, we are always looking for foster homes. Foster homes provide our Goldens the great start they need on their way to new lives. These homes provide the love, care, training and confidence that will help a dog adjust to a new environment. Without foster homes we are limited in the number of Goldens we can take into our program. It is an extremely fulfilling opportunity and yes it is sad when they go but what joy it brings to know what a difference you made in that dog’s life.
If your application is over 18 months old we would ask that you complete a new application to ensure we have the most current information on file about you and your household.
GRIN does require a fence for all dogs under 6 years of age. This rule was implemented after a number of incidents that put the safety of our dogs at risk. Some dogs come to us as strays or frightened and can be a flight risk.
Before being adopted out GRIN provides all of the necessary medical care including vaccinations, spay/neuter, and treatment for various medical or behavioral issues. GRIN spends an average of $1,200 per dog.
GRIN is a 100% volunteer organization. We are all volunteers and have jobs, families and outside commitments. If you feel your application has gone too long without contact, please visit our contact information section to make outreach to the applications team.
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