At this time GRIN is not accepting adoption applications, this status will be updated when we are able to start accepting applications.
We thank you for your patience.

GRIN tries to make every effort to keep this page current and up to date. Please keep in mind that by the time you submit an application and are going through the approval process, some of dogs pictured below may already be in the process of meeting and being adopted by other approved applicants.

The average ages of our rescued Goldens are 6-10 years of age, however GRIN does occasionally receive younger dogs that are in need of a home.  If you are interested in adopting a young dog, please do not wait until you see one on our website to apply for adoption.  Our approval process takes approximately 2-4 weeks to complete and by the time you have been approved for adoption, the younger dog will have already been placed into a loving home. Please start the application process now so that you can be on a waiting list for when GRIN does have younger dogs available.

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Gender: Female  Age:  2 years old

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fenceNeeds to have a fenced environment and would benefit from obedience training. schoolbus

This pretty gal is a new intake. She had a prolapsed vagina. Spaying is the treatment, and that has happened! She also had a badly needed dental and repair of entropion on her lower eyelid. Sheila's been put on meds for an ear infection and eye infection. She's going to foster care to recoup. Check back for foster reports on her personality!

Foster Update: 12/30/20

It has been wonderful to watch the progress that Bella has made in the last few weeks! She is fully invested in her foster family, participating in every aspect of daily life. She will follow her foster mom throughout the day as well as her foster dad and she enjoys hanging out with her foster dad in the evenings beside his recliner getting petted.  She needs to know what is happening in the daily household activities. She still displays wariness of strange men, but with all the Covid restrictions she has not had an opportunity to meet very many strangers. She has been around teenagers, met neighbors on her walks, and is still shy. If strangers are indoors with her she prefers to go off to the corner and observe from a safe distance.

Bella has gentlest mouth, taking treats from your hand and licking peanut butter from fingers ever so carefully. She is still dependent on her foster sibling for cues in some situations, but is slowly becoming more confident.

Sweet Bella loves to be petted and will sit beside you for as long as you will pet her. She likes to be brushed and is absolutely head over heels about going for walks.  When you say her name her head snaps to see what you want.  She is walking in her backyard and during her neighborhood walks with much more confidence.  She is still very curious about many household items and things sitting on the floor.  She is not destructive, but will attempt to chew on things that are not for dogs, but responds immediately to “Bella, no”.

Sweet Bella is going to make a wonderful addition to a very lucky family.  She has the sweetest disposition and a very quiet nature. Bella just wants a home with a nice warm bed, sweet voices, and lots of loving touches.

Foster Update: 12/3/20

Sweet Bella had a great week. She wagged her tail for the first time when we were preparing to go for a exciting!  Bella walks on a leash as though she has already been through obedience training, healing beautifully and constantly looking at her handler.

She is doing much better with the slow feeder, she can’t gulp her food as quickly now. She met a few neighborhood men and allowed them to approach her very slowly and pet her. Bella is still very fearful of strangers. She’s showing more and more personality, she found a potato bag to wrestle with and brought a chipmunk in to show everyone her great prize.  Bella is still jumpy when taken by surprise but she has allowed her foster daddy to step over her while laying in a doorway...major accomplishment! When laying on the bed she always needed to be leashed to get off of the bed to go outside but now is readily running to the door to go out when invited.

When receiving treats she sits with her two fur siblings and waits for her name to be called for her treat. At bedtime, she goes right into her crate and has slept there all night until the past week. We have left the crate door open for the past several weeks and she has just begun sleeping on the floor beside her foster mom and dad’s bed. She has never had an accident at night and the accidents during the day seem to be because we have not let her out.

For the past seven weeks, Bella would flinch when you touched her back or her head if she did not see your hand coming, but now she seldom has that reaction to a surprise touch. Bella has such a wonderful personality with a very gentle mouth.

She had a bit of a setback with a power outage and a fallen tree which resulted in a noisy generator and chainsaw noises, but she recovered completely within three days with extra love, attention, and understanding.

Bella is still very reliant on her foster sibling for cues daily, but we are seeing her become more independent each day. 

Foster Update: 11/23/20

Bella continues to make progress on a daily basis. Bella has become very attached to her foster mom and will snuggle on the bed with her, especially if she has peanut butter treats. She is very comfortable now walking up to her foster Dad for pets or treats when he is seated. She is still pretty uncomfortable when he is moving around the house at a normal pace doing everyday things. However, today she stayed at her slow feeder bowl and ate while her foster dad got up and down from the chair and walked past her slowly. Yay!

Bella is working on potty training, having only had 4 accidents in the past two weeks.
Bella is beginning to show real personality as she gets more and more comfortable. She has a favorite ball with knobbies and squeaker and she acts like such a sweet little puppy learning to play with toys. She also loves to pick up her fur siblings little bowl and carry it around after feeding times.

 Bella gets very excited about going for walks, and is actually beginning to look around at her surroundings on her walks.  This sweet girl has come a very long way in trusting her humans and we can’t wait to see more of her blossoming personality.

Foster Update: 11/3/20

Bella continues to make small advancements every day. There are three steps up to the bed and now she is maneuvering those independently throughout the day. She is now walking 1 mile every day and walks beautifully on a leash. She is totally off of grain-free food,  eating a regular diet with no noticeable scratching except when excited or nervous. She takes her medicine very willingly and allows ear drops without any resistance. She is becoming more relaxed each day, with her curiosity of her foster dad’s activities getting the best of her. She now will follow him from room to room, but she keeps a safe distance. She is slowly being introduced to men she does not know in order to help her overcome her fear of men. A calm quiet man has much better success approaching her. She is seeking out safe corners in rooms less and less and we are finding her laying down and relaxing in the middle of rooms. There are two resident dogs, a cat, and a wheelchair in use, and Bella gets along seamlessly with all of them.  Bella wants everyone to know “you’ve got a friend in me”.

Foster Update: 10/28/20

Sweet Bella is making some small advancements, we like to say two steps forward and one step back. She will now come out of her crate without having to be on a leash to join her fur siblings in the morning for going outside and breakfast. She is now eating in the same room as her fur siblings and with her foster Dad sitting nearby. She is playing more enthusiastically outdoors, racing around the yard with her head up and tail out like the happiest girl alive. Bella loves the tough chewing toys but stuffed animals are not for her, she loves to destroy them immediately.   Keeping the door closed to the room with the crate encourages her to socialize much more and we are seeing her actually want to be where the family is. She is pacing less and less and actually laying down and relaxing when everyone is seated and quiet. Getting up from the chair, any sudden movements or loud noises, will still send her running. She is now coming to her foster parents, with a bit of coaxing, just to be petted. Bella is a very smart girl who just needs a little bit of love, patience, and guidance.

Foster Update: 10/20/20

Sweet Bella is now comfortable enough to play with her fur sibling in the backyard every time they go outside, and sometimes even inside. She is now retreating to her crate less and less. She is establishing more and more trust with her foster daddy every day, which is a huge accomplishment for her. She will now approach him and take a treat from his hand when coaxed. Bella walks beautifully on a leash and shows great interest when her siblings go for a walk, so she has walked down the street just two houses and back with her fur sibling. This little girl is showing more and more personality, the other day she stole a tomato from the garden. Bella really enjoys chewing on Nylabones and has found a squeaky ball that she loves to chase. Bella wants everyone to know that she may be small in stature and not take up much room in your house but she guarantees she will take up a huge room in your heart.

Foster Update: 10/14/20

Let us introduce you to this sweet girl Bella! She is a puppy mill girl who has come into foster care to learn how to be her best and happiest self. Bella has some basic fear of loud noises, sudden movements, and is uncomfortable around men. She does like to retreat to her crate for safety, but she is working on being more comfortable in the rest of the house. When Bella goes outside she is a little more relaxed. She likes to follow her foster fur siblings around the yard and gets along with the resident cat very well. Her foster daddy is working very hard to establish trust between him and Bella. At this point, Bella will not take a treat from your hand but if you place it on the ground in front of her she will eat it. She has discovered that peanut butter is a delicious treat that she just can’t turn down. On her sixth day with her new foster family, she was licking peanut butter from her foster mom‘s fingers, which was a great accomplishment. Bella is a very calm, gentle Golden who is on the small side, weighing around 60 pounds. She is very attentive and watches every movement. When she is alone and comfortable, she does show a curious side about her surroundings.  


Foster Photo 12-22-2020:

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Foster Photos 5-28-2020:

(Note:  Sheila had entropion surgery to repair her right bottom eyelid)


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Common Questions and Answers

Unfortunately, we are limited to where we have volunteers to support our activities. GRIN’s adoption process includes a home visit, and we must remain in the area in which our home visit volunteers are willing to travel. For a Golden rescue in your area, please visit GRCA Rescue by State.
Now that you have applied for a GRIN dog, we trust you like and understand the Golden Retriever and are knowledgeable about the breed’s needs. That being said, here are some reasons why we discourage approved applicants from “picking out” a dog…
Yes, we are always looking for foster homes. Foster homes provide our Goldens the great start they need on their way to new lives. These homes provide the love, care, training and confidence that will help a dog adjust to a new environment. Without foster homes we are limited in the number of Goldens we can take into our program. It is an extremely fulfilling opportunity and yes it is sad when they go but what joy it brings to know what a difference you made in that dog’s life.
If your application is over 18 months old we would ask that you complete a new application to ensure we have the most current information on file about you and your household.
GRIN does require a fence for all dogs under 6 years of age. This rule was implemented after a number of incidents that put the safety of our dogs at risk. Some dogs come to us as strays or frightened and can be a flight risk.
Before being adopted out GRIN provides all of the necessary medical care including vaccinations, spay/neuter, and treatment for various medical or behavioral issues. GRIN spends an average of $1,200 per dog.
GRIN is a 100% volunteer organization. We are all volunteers and have jobs, families and outside commitments. If you feel your application has gone too long without contact, please visit our contact information section to make outreach to the applications team.
For a complete list of common questions and answers click on any of the above questions