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Earlier this year, as my husband and I moved through the foster application process, we were both excited and nervous. There were so many unknowns. We had no idea what to expect in a displaced dog, what we were capable of and what was best for our resident Golden, Luna. But we wanted to make a difference in the path of a dog who needed us, and above all else, we knew the universally good heart of a Golden Retriever. Trusting in that, we figured everything else would work out.

 We also knew that whatever the challenges, we wouldn’t be alone. We remarked early in the process that GRIN is the most organized volunteer network we’d ever been involved with. Everyone knew their role exactly, connected the next person in the chain, made referrals when necessary, communicated openly and shared the same unwavering desire to help these dogs in need.

 We were asked to foster an 8-month-old Goldendoodle who’d been rescued from a puppy mill. The GRIN network had prepared us for a unique set of challenges that may accompany a dog from this environment. Still, when we found Surge shaking and cowering in fear, I was completely overwhelmed in sadness for what this little guy’s life so far had been.  But even as I held him on the car ride home, I could tell he willing to trust in my kindness.

Surge was inexperienced with all things of being a dog, and scared of most aspects of daily living in a home. But the first few days with Surge were so remarkable my husband started a journal to keep track of his daily victories – when he learned to walk through a doorway, how he figured out treats followed coming inside, when he climbed steps for the first time, when he grabbed a toy to chew, his first taste of peanut butter, etc. I had only ever met well socialized and confident Goldens, so celebrating Surge’s daily triumphs brought a different kind of joy to our house. Every aspect of being a family dog was brand new to him, and he was brave and happy every single day. Of course, there were challenges. Housebreaking was new to Surge, crate training was scary for him, and every step along the way took waiting patiently until he was absolutely ready. Even in the worst of his worries, Surge was generally more curious than afraid. Right away he loved Luna, and we noticed her innate understanding for leading him. Not only did fostering let us help Surge, but it renewed our pride in Luna’s good-hearted ways and helped her fulfill yet another purpose.

In the end, we failed at fostering. After two weeks, we were out for a walk around our neighborhood. As I watched Surge and Luna walk side by side with all the confidence of knowing where home is, I knew we wouldn’t let him go. We got so much joy out of fostering, and next time we plan to see another dog through to walking confidently around their forever family’s block.  



GRIN 2020 Event Season

Thank You GRIN Family Updated 10/29/2020 We want to THANK OUR GRIN FAMILY and everyone who has supported us through our 2020 event season. Due to Covid-19, we faced many fundraising challenges. Because of our generous supporters, we were able to hold Virtual Fundraisers; Bark In Your Park in May, the Ice Cream Social in July, August Auction and our Howl O' Ween Party & Pumpkin Pull in October! We were also able to hold two, in person Swim/Dockdiving events, where we could maintain safe protocols and social distancing.Because of the continued financial support we received, we are able to continue rescuing dogs that have very specific and often very expensive medical and behavioral needs. The GRIN Board of Trustees thanks you and the dogs who are now safe and happy and healthy also thank you! For more information click on "Read More".
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GRIN’s membership year runs annually - July 1st through June 30th.     A large portion of our yearly budget comes from our annual membership drive.  Your membership dues and all donations are used to help each golden who enters our program through providing all necessary veterinary medical/surgical care, medications, vaccinations, spaying or neutering, foster care and providing all necessary daily supplies.   As a member, you will enjoy these benefits: Read More
      We are preparing for the  2022 GRIN calendar.    All we need now are pictures! Here are the particulars:   - Photo submissions are open to all GRIN members - Photos can contain pictures of GRIN dogs or other non-GRIN furry members of your family - Please no humans in the pictures - Digital, clear, high resolution photos are required for high quality in jpg format   Please send your submissions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by the 8/1/21 deadline. Please sure Read More
Many of you may ask why we are engaging in overseas rescue.  The reason is due to the lack of Golden Retrievers who need our help domestically.  COVID has changed most areas of our lives and the Goldens have been no exception.  With the dramatic increase in working from home, the commercial breeders now are selling the breeding dogs that are no longer productive to the general public.   The demand Read More
Meet Ginger. This sweet senior came to live with us in November of 2019. She was picked up as a stray and when the owners were contacted they relinquished her. Thank goodness for Ginger! She was underweight, had a number of benign mammary tumors, scraggly fur, and bare elbows (which gave us a clue as to where she may have laid her head). We had recently been approved as fosters Read More
  Over the past year GRIN has taken in an increased number of puppy mill dogs and as a result we are in need of appropriate foster/adoptive homes.  The damage done during the years in the mill can be overcome, but it takes the right environment, time and dedication. What we are looking for in a mill dog foster/adopter: a fenced yard with a traditional fence another well socialized dog Read More
Earlier this year, as my husband and I moved through the foster application process, we were both excited and nervous. There were so many unknowns. We had no idea what to expect in a displaced dog, what we were capable of and what was best for our resident Golden, Luna. But we wanted to make a difference in the path of a dog who needed us, and above all else, Read More

What are people saying?

Everyone at GRIN has been supportive before, during and after the adoption of our senior girl Honey. We love our GRIN family who always puts the dogs needs first and foremost!
Lisa and Kim GRIN Adopters
"As we quickly approach the anniversary of Gus' adoption, our family wanted to send a BIG thank you your way. We feel so lucky to have found such a wonderfully supportive and dedicated group of people at GRIN."
Bethany GRIN Adopter
Fostering has been a wonderful experience for me, 12 years and 56 dogs later! I like being a step in the process of moving dogs into permanent, loving homes.