To our GRIN friends and supporters,
From the Board of Trustees at GRIN, we would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude for the many generous donations made to GRIN this holiday season, especially during this year while we continue to deal with a pandemic. Because of your caring and generous support, we are able to continue our mission in finding displaced and unwanted goldens forever homes. We wish each and every member, volunteer, family and friend a very healthy and Happy New Year!





Holiday Gifts to Honor
Cheri Gmiter  In honor Cooper & Lexi who we adopted from GRIN 6 years ago and has been our family since! 
Dotti & Steven Eitel  In honor of AJ & in memory of Gracie and Hanson 
Sally Hodder  In honor of all my goldens past and present 
Jim & Sue Lechko  In honor of all the good GRIN does for so many! 
PK Weston  In honor of Beau, Daisy & Dexter 
Mary & Roger Gallagher  In honor of Bogie Gallagher, adopted from GRIN in 2005 AKA Prince Zeik of Fairway 
Allie Liboski  In honor of Buckie (formerly Charlie), his mom Emmy and all the Peanuts Gang Puppies 
Molly & Ron Mautz  In honor of Cookie (Maisie) Mautz 
Diane Reeves  In honor of Elly Reeves 
Linda O'Yaski  In honor of Hank O'Yaski 
Debbie & Jerry Miller  In honor of Hinckley & Harrison 
Ron & Karen Barton  In honor of Horton 
Dave & Terri Giorgis  In honor of Jasper 
Bornes Family  In honor of Lexi and in memory of Paisley 
Caitlin & Josh Klajnowski  In honor of Luna 
Craig Butler  In honor of Luna 
Marilou & Ihor Suszko  In honor of Mae our GRIN rescue 
Maureen Chytracek  In honor of Michael Chytracek, Jordan & Payton 
Elise Baron  In honor of Molasses formerly Sunkist 
Jeff Barina  In honor of my wife Laura Barina 
Christine Crompton  In honor of our Golden boy Brody who we adopted earlier this year and was recently diagnosed with NCL-GR
Gene, Mary and Emilee Merrill  In honor of our sweet Daisy.  She has graced our home and lives in ways beyond measure.
Sherry Phillis  In honor of Randy Deal 
August D. Bruno  In honor of Shadow 
Mary Russell  In honor of the current girls Quinn & Kaylee and in memory of Jimmy Gemini 
Carol Beatenhead  In honor of Baylie Ann, Sutter and Flander 
Sally Corwin-Osgood  In honor of Bill Osgood & GRIN dog Melody 
Florence Seda  In honor of Daisy 
Cylese Collins & Daniel Goldmark  In honor of GRIN dog Darby and in memory of Buddy 
Memorial Holiday Gifts
Anonymous  In memory and honor of all our beautiful & beloved Turkey transport dogs 
Martha Cailor  In memory and honor of Scout 
Erin & Scott Permar  In memory Mycroft Permar 
Edward Thiell  In memory of all my GRIN rescues 
Sherry & Dave Vanderneut  In memory of all our wonderful GRIN dogs 
Francis McVan  In memory of Anna Marie McVan 
Joni Waseity-Beadle  In memory of Bandit Lee, Snokie Lee and Maggie Lee 
Katrina Lallo In memory of Barkley Lallo, my Grin boy.  My best friend.
Nancy Peterson  In memory of Bell & Riley Peterson 
Paul Swisher  In memory of Bentley Swisher and for your generous help with The Peanut's Gang
Louie & Moose Craft  In memory of Brandy 
Anonymous  In memory of Buc, Jake & Elwood 
Michelle Warner  In memory of Buddy and Lexi
Nancy Case  In memory of Callee Case 
Denny & Carolyn Kreider  In memory of Carol Simonds & Joe Pontino 
Anita Flyer  In memory of Casey & Daisy Flyer 
Janet Brenna-Henderson & Gerald Henderson  In memory of Charlie 
David & Martha Grumbach  In memory of Chase, Champ & Ben
Ed & Judy Bash  In memory of Cody, Buddy, Roxy, Newton, Tabitha & Hobie who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge 
Debbie Engel  In memory of Daphne
Justine Blossom  In memory of Duchess & Chloe 
Kerilyn Burrows  In memory of Dudley & Maggie 
Denice Osborne  In memory of Dylan, Miss Lillian, Reily, Harlette the Cat, Sam the Cat 
C.S. Goloversic  In memory of Emma Dear & Marmaduke 
Anonymous  In memory of Gracie and in honor of Scarlett 
Katherine Fuller  In memory of GRIN dog Charlie 
William Damico  In memory of Harley 
Laura Diesing  In memory of Herbert 
Mary Owen  In memory of Jack 
Kathleen Morrison  In memory of Jim Morrison and the Morrison dogs at the Rainbow Bridge 
Dave & Karol Liggett  In memory of Karl Paul 
Anne Dickinson  In memory of Katie aka GRIN Rescue Gertie.  She touched our hearts deeply in the short time she was a member of our family.
Christine Perkins  In memory of Kelly Lea, Katy Lyn & Kirby 
Jim Zakrajsek  In memory of Lady, Duchy, Buddy, Shadow, Molly, Mojo, Amos, Shamrock, Sully, Redford and Herbert 
Donna & Manohar Asnani  In memory of Leo, Chaser & Danny 
Stan & Lisa Corwin  In memory of Lexie, our beloved GRIN golden 
Nancy Meyer  In memory of Loki 
Don & Chris Gibbons  In memory of Max Gibbons 
Elizabeth Dorcik  In memory of Max, Lucy, Maggie, Buddy and Shadow 
Kathleen Patterson  In memory of my girl, Echo
Samantha Zink  In memory of my puppy nephew, Cooper Eby.  He was the best dog.
Anonymous  In memory of Naja 
Ann Wojanis  In memory of Nellie & Harley my best buddies! 
James Hall  In memory of Nugget, a GRIN rescue 2010-2021 
Al & Toni Jepson  In memory of our Golden Brinkley 
Jean & Charles Aston  In memory of Ozzie, an amazing much loved GRIN dog who died of cancer 12/22/2019.  He is missed.   
Walter & Carol Dan  In memory of Paxton & Duncan 
Larry & Linda Cummings  In memory of Preston Scott our first Golden 
Jon & Denise Dehass  In memory of Quincy our GRIN dog 
Dr. Norm& Paula Czubaj  In memory of Reilly 
Joyce Ackerman  In memory of Rusty Ackerman 
David & Kathleen Zock  In memory of Sam & Misty 
Ron & Trish Gibbons  In memory of Sammy 
Bernie & Ed Juchnowski  In memory of Savannah & Russ Gossett 
Jack Kuehn  In memory of Shelby 
Marlene Goldman  In memory of Sheldon Goldman 
Jim Fleet & Renie Wirkus  In memory of Sienna and in honor of Bravo & Duke 
Darrin & Stephanie Kuczynski  In memory of Sooner, Sava, Dunkin, & Wilson 
Rose Nolan  In memory of Stanley, Nellie & Leon Chalwa 
Richard & Renee Quinn  In memory of Summit 
Kathleen Pilny  In memory of Taffy and Sydney 
Pam Bernhard  In memory of Tally Jo 
Ingrid Ruppe  In memory of Ted, Ben & Dyer and in honor of Daisy & Stanley
Mike & Patti Fischer  In memory of Tobie, Liberty, Angel, Cassidy & Zoe 
Dan & Leona Russo  In memory of Turkey dog Beyza 
Randy and Dawn Luhta In remembrance of Bullet, Winston, Sully, Maggie and Cricket
Lee Gottschalk  In memory of Mac, Sonny, Bentley, Toby - all the GRIN dogs we've lost 
Melanie Hunter  In memory of my beloved GRIN dogs Mindy, Simba and Riley 
Jim & March Henyey  In memory of Oscar Henyey 
John Harman  In memory of our beloved Jake 
Tim Burns  In memory of Teddy and Noah 
Colleen Stecker  In memory of Welington & Higgins 
Special Holiday Gifts to GRIN
Judy Carnes A Christmas gift for my daughter Melanie Carnes who fostered one golden named Pilot and rescued her goldens Dakota and Nevada
Jack & Terry Southworth  In appreciation for GRIN's mission and our love for our retrievers Ozzie and Dodger, both rescued from Turkey by GRIN 
Martha Widdowson Portraits by Martha
Judith Ann Dell  To help keep GRIN strong for the dogs! 
April Graham
Christina Barshel
Amy Draiss
Sidney Keith
Ashleigh Apsega
Lindsey Das
Andrew Cleary
Sandra Cleary
Sally Weist
Sharon Schoenegge
Dr. & Mrs. M.M. Fernandes
Sharon Dietrich
Sarah Ball
Christopher Riedel
Aimee Shinhearl
Gina Byerlein & Dan Passinault
Barb & Bill Eifel
Tracie Tsai
Cindy Brown
Tom & Marta Weithman
Sharon Dorman & Herman Turner
Ken & Jan Okeson
Bonnie & Rich Sweebe
Mitch Lapin
Mark Stevens
Walter Anderson
March Scott
Craig & Kristi McConnell

Alison Nakanishi

Michelle Gole

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