To our GRIN friends and supporters,
From the Board of Trustees at GRIN., we would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude for the many generous donations made to GRIN this holiday season. Because of your caring and generous support, we are able to continue our mission in finding displaced and unwanted goldens forever homes. We wish each and every member, volunteer, family and friend a very Happy New Year!


Stephanie Gould For all the dogs whom I've loved
Steve & Dotti Eitel For the sponsorship of Oscar
Joyce Zuranski In honor of 14 year old Cookie and in memory of Mimi
Lisa & Stan Corwin In honor of Boo, our wonderful GRIN dog
Michael & Pamela Shirtz In honor of Charlie and his brother Ezy
Cheryl Thomson In honor of Charlotte's 12th birthday and 4 year anniversary of her adoption
Maribeth McGrievy In honor of Cyrus
Gene & Mary Merrill In honor of Daisy Merrill
Peggy Yost In honor of GRIN dog Annie
Shannon Riffe In honor of GRIN dog Lilo adopted in September
Joanna Miller In honor of GRIN dogs Kona & Jessie
Ron & Karen Barton In honor of Horton
Ben Bowman In honor of Ingrid Bowman, foster to Many Goldens
Joni Waseity-Beadle In honor of Maggie Leigh, Snokie Lee, Bandit Leigh
Patricia Stewart In honor of Mario a former GRIN dog
Adam Slesinger In honor of Marley
Tom & Irene Sarkiewicz In honor of Marley
Maureen Chytracelt In honor of Michael Chytracelt, Jordan & Payton
Barb & Bill Eifel In honor of our GRIN dog Jaxx Eifel
Ken & Jan Okeson In honor of our newly adopted Cher
Jean & Charles Aston In honor of Ozzie the ageless golden from GRIN, adopted in 2012
Fornes Family In honor of Paisley
Sherry Shillis In honor of Randy Deal
Richard & Renee Quinn In honor of Summit & Sister Mary
Pamela Bernhard In honor of Tally Jo
Marisa Kebekus In honor of the Kebekus Family
Christine & Donald Gibbons In honor of the McVans
Linda O'Yaski In honor of the work GRIN does
Joe & Cathy Damiano In honor of Vinny and Ralph
Gibbons In honor of Wesley
Tracy Martello In honor of Zoey
Dale Whitmire In honor ofKelly, Molly, Nannah
Elaine Folbert In memory of Ashley and Lexie
Lynda Quinn In memory of Bailey
Kim & John Fields In memory of Bear, aka Buddy
Al Dahlhausen In memory of Blake
Judy Eakin In memory of Buc
Randy Luhta In memory of Bullet, Winston & Sully
Mary Kacmar In memory of Casey, Fitz and Franklin
Donna & Manohar Asnani In memory of Chaser & Danny
Dr. & Mrs Fernandes In memory of Chloe
Kim & Ken Delfing In memory of Cider Delfing
Karen & Brad Bauer In memory of Curt Bauer
Debra Engel In memory of Daphne
Mary Ann Halfhill In memory of Denver & Truman
Sharon Schoenegle In memory of Dreffer
Margo Buttner In memory of Elmer
Jane Gammons In memory of Felix
Sherry & Dave Vanderneut In memory of Finnegan - you had a Golden heart.  We will always love you!
Gail Arndt In memory of Gilbert Arndt
Joan Lovicz In memory of Glory - adopted in 2004
Mary Kay Laner In memory of Grace Laner
Kathleen Morrison In memory of GRIN dog Brandy 7119
David Perout In memory of GRIN dog Skylar Perout
Mike & Staci Duffy In memory of Kathi Slayton
Mary Russell In memory of Kathleen (Kay) Starry who loved all her grandogs
Gail Arndt In memory of Kay Starry
Walter & Judy Anderson In memory of Madison
Lynne & Roy Aber In memory of Maggie
Burt & Marilyn Cooper In memory of Max & Ben
Matt & Liz Dorcik In memory of Max, Lucy and Maggie
David & Kathleen Zock In memory of Misty & Sam
Jim & June Zakrajsek In memory of Mojo, Molly, Shadow, Amos, Sullivan, Buddy, Duchess, Lady, Tiger, Metallica
Charlene Kuentz In memory of my beloved Athena
Lois Rhea In memory of my GRIN dog Megan
Kathleen Floyd In memory of my wonderful GRIN goldens - all 13 of them!
George Chase In memory of Nancy Chase
Al & Toni Jepson In memory of our Golden boy Brinkley
Michele & Steve Frisch In memory of our Golden Boy Rudy who crossed the rainbow bridge in 2004
Debbie & Jerry Miller In memory of our sweet Golden boy Brutus
Bernie & Ed Juchnowski In memory of our sweet Savannah
Madeline Crandall In memory of our wonderful Riley
Mike & Cindy Mullen In memory of Pepsi Mullen & Riley Mullen
Janet Brennan Henderson In memory of Rex
Dennis Schirripa, DDS In memory of Riggs & Meg
Jim Dailey In memory of Riley & Tyler
Anita Flyer In memory of Robert Flyer
Judy Amendola In memory of Ruby
Tom & Carol Simonds In memory of Sam & Bubba
Marcia Fordham In memory of Scooter, my best friend
Martha Cailor In memory of Scout
Rochelle Latkanich In memory of senior GRIN boy Douglas, my sweet boy!
Marlene Goldman In memory of Sheldon Goldman
Carol Beatenhead In memory of Shiloh, Spencer, Dreamer and Sabine my beloved Goldens
Evelyn Greenwald In memory of Snowball
Carrie Sheridan Murphy In memory of Steve Sheridan
Diana & Don Stephens In memory of Sunny & Bosco for help of current goldens in need
Kathleen Pilny In memory of Taffy
Rosemarie Nolan In memory of the Chalwa Family
Mike & Patti Fischer In memory of Tobie, Liberty, Angel & Cassidy
Jean McBride In memory of Wendy and Penny
Dave & Terri Giorgis In sponsorship of Gracie #17039 in memory of Midas & Boss
Jan Reinhold Merry Christmas to All!!
Joyce Montgomery  
Dan & Jan Distl  
Cheryl & Jim Maeder  
Kim Mitchell  
Jolyn Reams  
Marcie Levine & Rob Lovell  
Tracie Tsai  
Bob & Anne Patram  
Lori Allison  
Ivan Markovitz  
Jim & Sharon Ring  
John & Jane Stilla  
Mark Stevens  
Karen Brandt  
Betty Slaybaugh  
Charles Smith  
Mark and Caroline Sugalski  
Dixie Bowen  
Doug & Deb Taylor