Golden Retrievers are loving companions and make great family pets.  They do however require a considerable amount of daily exercise, mental stimulation and attention from their people.  Without proper exercise and human engagement Goldens may exhibit behavior problems.

Goldens are wicked smart and are therefore excellent obedience candidates and can be easily trained if you work with them.  Training is a must and a key to successful and responsible dog ownership.  GRIN requires adopters to follow through with formal training for all young dogs to ensure a successful and happy adoption.  GRIN only supports positive training methods.  Negative or punishment training methods are obsolete and harmful to dogs long-term.
Golden Retrievers are predisposed to several conditions including ear infections, hot spots, allergies and excessive shedding.  It is important to consider these conditions along with regular annual vet expenses including vaccinations, heartworm testing/prevention and grooming when making the decision regarding this breed.

It is important to do your breed research before considering a dog to ensure you select a breed that best meets the needs and lifestyle of your family.  For more information on this breed please visit