Memorials and Tributes,

Sponsorships, Donations,

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Memorials, Tributes and Special Gifts  
Tonya Kuhn To celebrate Melissa Hamlton's birthday and in memory of her sweet Emory
Daniel Pierson In celebration of Dane Gaerke and Emma Pierson's wedding!
Erika Pankevich In honor of Charles denHeijer
Don & Linda Warner In honor of Henry
MIM Software In honor of Grace Gongaware and in remembrance of her dogs Benjy and Bea
Peter & Kathy Gall In honor of Millie Gall
Jill Tomford In honor of Kelly Gale
Heather and Kevin Foos In honor of Kelly Gale
Michael Gilbride In honor of Kelly Gale
Greg and Amy Fairhurst In honor of Kelly Gale 
Heather and Jon Ransom In honor of Kelly Gale's birthday and her love for Goldens!
Lisa and Brad Kostka In honor of Kelly Gale's brithday and thank you to Brian for a fabulous party
Patty Beson In honor of Kelly Gale's special birthday and her love for Goldens!
James & Leslie Southern In honor Coconut, our wonderful girl who GRIN rescued in 2019
Cathy and Bob Kapp In honor of Lexi
Marissa Christian In honor of my father-in-law Jeff for his birthday and in memory of his dog Chessie, the best girl!
Lillian Smith In honor of Rose Nolan's birthday.  She is passionate about helping the goldens.
Mike and Peg Abrams In honor of the retirement of Drew Yosick, DVM
Elizabeth Bullock In honor of Tracie Tsai
April Ernst In memory of Athena Ernst and her love for all puppies and especially her love for Butterbean, her Golden, who is still with us
Rita Flynn In memory of beautiful Turbo, who made us all smile every day
Dave and Kim Hilgefort In memory of Cheryl Johnson
Dave and Hollie Cordonnier In memory of Cheryl Johnson
Mark and Sherri Lewis, Joey and Jenna(Shiba's) and Jesse, our Golden In memory of Doc Turbo, Andy Man's brother and Lisa and Kim's furbaby
Srinivas Sai Kondapalli In memory of Gabby
Richard Mcconnell In memory of Molly
Julie Stewart In memory of my Max, the best buddy I could have ever hoped for
Debbie Strickland In memory of my stubborn crazy Lukas
Wesley and Eileen Barber In memory of our beloved goldens Casey and Nikki.   We loved them both very much and miss them.
Susan Smith-Snider In memory of Rich Walters
Amber Prokop In memory of Rich Walters
Becky Metz In memory of Rich Walters
Mary Kiffer In memory of Rich Walters
Bill and Janet Walters In memory of Rich Walters
Patricia Darcy In memory of Rich Walters
Jennifer Metzger and Stephanie Pendersen In memory of Rich Walters
Jeanne Cherney In memory of Rich Walters
Karen Smith In memory of Rich Walters, on behalf of Bonnie Walter's book club friends
Bevery Seese In remembrance of Jim
Jenn Silverthorn In the loving memory of Steven Eitel
Kim Tolin In memory of my friend Valerie Rouse, who had several golden retrievers over the years
Denice & Bill Osborne In memory of Dylan & Miss Lillian
Bill & Natalie Kroman In memory of Jazzy
James Zakrajsek In memory of Peanut and all the Zkrajsek dogs and cats that went across the Rainbow Bridge
Upstage Players In memory of Rich Walters
Brenda Ann & John Ferguson In memory of Steven Eiten
Kathryn Lang In memory of Steven Eiten
Cheryl Pickton In memory of Steven Eiten
Tom & Debra Benjamin In memory of Steven Eiten
Dr. Steven & Tracy Hicks In memory of Steven Eiten
Mary & Jeff Ford Thank you GRIN for the 3 girls you have entrusted to our care.  They are very loved!
Brian Begue Happy Holidays from Teddy who is living his best life in his furever home.   GRIN rescued in August 2017
Katherine Jenkins Merry Christmas Don and Chris Howlett!
Joe, Nancy, Honey and Maxwell Bair Merry Christmas!    
Lauren Machcinski Mazur Merry Christmas!  We love Keiko (Keystone)
Tara Marie Fund  
Lisa McFarland In honor of Donna & Rigby Sadlik
Golden Retriever Foundation For Bently & Chestnut
Golden Sponsorships  
Deb Harper Donation to sponsor Betts who reminds me of my golden I lost
Frank and Christine Lukehart Donation to sponsor Cooper.  Merry Christmas Cooper - we love you!
Stan and Lisa Corwin Donation to sponsor Fleece
Cara Mangano and John Stok Donation to sponsor Sofia Mae
Special GRIN Fundraising Events  
Gina Steele Golden Gratitude Co. Adopt Don't Shop Fundraiser
Coleen Moskowitz Collected at Harbor Holidays during the annual Grinch Day in Fairport Harbor
Sally Weist Collected at Orvis gift wrapping 12/11/22
Carrie Stewart Collected at Orvis gift wrapping 12/4/22
Monthly and General Gifts for our Goldens  
Ray Karolak  
Charlene Hartson  
Sonia Alcott  
Jan and Rick Reinhold  
Denise Burdette - UMR Care Consulting team  
Dave & Sherry Vanderneut  
Audrey Sterle  
John Butler and Jennifer Forshey  
Sherry Phillis   
Joanne Westin and Roy Ritzmann  
Peter Roth  
Judy Amendola  
Jeff Lyons  
Lynda Quinn  
John Pappert  
Lori Zeisloft  
Jennifer Craig  
Nikki Kraynick  
Tyler Campbell  
Jane and Jeff Frazier  
Ginny Backus  
Norma Jean Christ  
Gail Hunter  
Nancy Dobras  
Laura and Susan Diesing  
Mark Miazga  
Linda Marsh  
Julia Ianier  
Dwight Davis  
Jim and JoAnn Faraci  
Ron and Karen Barton  
Leslie and Jim Southern  
Joyce Calo  
Michelle Ruvolo  
Jennifer Haithcock  
William and Valerie Toth  
Gina Kairys  
Debbie and Mark Peterson  
Bela and Kate Trimmel