Sponsorships, Donations,
Grants, Special Event Sponsorships,

and Special Gifts




Memorials, Tributes and Special Gifts  
Kristi McConnell Kristi's birthday fundraiser to help care for our Goldens
Nathalie & Summer In celebration of John Yarsa's birthday!
Sharon Phillis In honor of GRIN dog Randy Deal
Jeff Barina In honor of his wife Laura Barina's birthday
Margaret Robinson In honor of Brookie and Nancy Dorner
Dean and Angela Szabo In honor of Dr Ken Baiko
Michael Baiko In honor of Kenneth Baiko   
Jackie Ashcroft In honor of Kenneth Baiko and for Brady and Charlie's proection and new home together
Deborah Barber In loving memory of Ginnie Snyder
Douglas and Darlene Ormston In memory of Julie Brezina
Edward and Gail Kornuc In memory of Julie Brezina
Stephanie Ormston In memory of Julie Brezina
Steve Zajac In memory of Julie Brezina
Gary & Carole Holkovic In memory of Julie Brezina
Francine Paschall In memory of Julie Brezina
Courtney Hilbert In memory of Daisy and in honor of Georgie Grace
Carrie Stewart In memory of Daisy Belle
Patricia Shufeldt In memory of Daisy Belle, beloved companion to Portia Weston and Terry Dougan
Kathleen Pozar In memory of my beautiful Golden Courtney.   Thank you GRIN for entrusting this gentle spirit to us those many years ago- she was the perfect dog
Julie Iemma In memory of our beloved 15 year old golden Riley
Angie Larrick In memory of Paul Steven Szalay
Patti Polburn In memory of Bill Ramsay
Kim & Larry Funai In memory of Frank Schilling
Karen Ruggiero In memory of Frank Schilling
Heidi & Janko Sandrev In memory of Frank Schilling
Debbie & Don Gotsch In memory of Frank Schilling
Cindy & Tom Skelton In memory of Frank Schilling
Larry & Julia Yates In memory of Paul Szalay
Trina Carter In memory of Virginia Snyder
Carla Sochacki In memory of Virginia Snyder
Ann Lewis In memory of Virginia Snyder
Catherine Schindler In memory of Virginia Snyder, owner of two golden retrievers
Marily & Gary Bender In memory of Virginia Snyder
Golden Sponsorships  
Donna and Manohar Asnani Donation to sponsor Cadie in memory of Oakley and in honor of Walt Mandell
Diane Koscelnik Donation to sponsor Fern and Flint    
Ashley Bichler Donation to sponsor Fern and Flint in memory of our golden we lost a year ago
Dotti Eitel Golden Sponsorship for Fern and Flint
Donna and Manohar Asnani Donation to sponsor Neve in memory of Willow and in honor of Amy and Dick Mazanec
Donna and Manohar Asnani Donation to sponsor Sidney in memory of Tahoe and in honor of Michelle Gole
Grants and Corporate Match Donations  
Golden Retriever Foundation For Cadie and Heather
Timken Company Matching gift from Daniel Welcheck
General and Monthly Donations  
Diane Tomko  
Mike and Paula Kline  
Cheryl, Savannah, Sabrina and Dillon Smith  
Jennifer Lardo  
Jeffrey Troutman  
Heather Matthews   
Jay and Bonnie Yenne  
GRIN Special Event Sponsorships  
Darrin & Stephanie Kuczynski Great Pumpkin Sponsor
Rosemarie Nolan Haunted House Sponsor
Amy Kantura Pumpkin Patch Sponsor
Michelle Gole Pumpkin Patch Sponsor
Sally Corwin-Osgood Pumpkin Patch Sponsor
Clayton Zak Pumpkin Patch Sponsor
Amy Wrobbel Wicked Witch Sponsor
James Fleet Wicked Witch Sponsor
Lyndi Gesiorski Wicked Witch Sponsor
Glenda Carbaugh Wicked Witch Sponsor
Ed and Bernie Juchnowski Wicked Witch Sponsor
Carolyn Kreider Wicked Witch Sponsor
Terry Dougan Wicked Witch Sponsor
Denise Klaus Wicked Witch Sponsor
David Vanderneut Wicked Witch Sponsor
Staci Duffy Wicked Witch Sponsor
Jane and Lennie Kueking Wicked Witch Sponsor
Denise Manley Wicked Witch Sponsor
Debbie and Jerry Miller and Hinckley Wicked Witch Sponsor
Caroline Chesebrough Wicked Witch Sponsor
Diana Rop Jack O'Lantern Sponsor
Debbie Deal Jack O'Lantern Sponsor
Holly Mlincek Jack O'Lantern Sponsor
Rose Kay Jack O'Lantern Sponsor
Kathy Cornelius Jack O'Lantern Sponsor
Lindsey Bailey Jack O'Lantern Sponsor
Denisa Iacob Jack O'Lantern Sponsor
Kristin Kerling Jack O'Lantern Sponsor
Kim Downie Jack O'Lantern Sponsor
Kathleen Pilny Jack O'Lantern Sponsor
Katherine Zak Jack O'Lantern Sponsor
Katherine Fuller Ghouls and Goblins Sponsor
Susan Spisak Ghouls and Goblins Sponsor
Amy Mazanec Ghouls and Goblins Sponsor
Michelle Dunn Ghouls and Goblins Sponsor
Angela Branigan Candy Corn Sponsor