Memorials and Tributes,

Sponsorships, Donations,

Grants, and Special Gifts










Memorials and Tribute Gifts  
Nemo Kuczynski For the puppy mill goldens
Amy Paul With love from the 6 Paul Family pets
Marybeth Whelan Happy Birthday Karen Kilbane!  A GRIN Foster Mom!
Karen Kilbane In fond memory of Sydney, beloved dog of John and Nancy Pierson
Vitalia Montrose In honor of Donna Ryan
Laura and Greg Francis In honor of Scott and Jennifer Bauer
Jeri Baron Feltner In honor of Tracie Tsai who I met in a Toldeo Walmart parking lot during the pick-up of 6 puppy mill dogs.  Thank you Tracie for your heartflet efforts saving these precious Goldens.
Jean Dombi In loving memory of Lilly McConnell
Kathie Ellsworth In memory of Barb Hamblin
Judith Houston In memory of Barb Hamblin
Doug and Diana Pals In memory of Barb Hamblin
Jeffrey & Linda Hamblin In memory of Barb Hamblin
Timothy & Lisa O'Toole In memory of Barb Hamblin
Cheryl & Lawrence Smith In memory of Barb Hamblin
Vaugh & Bonnie Saxton In memory of Barb Hamblin
Randy & Linda Becker In memory of Barb Hamblin
Michael & Shiela Putnam In memory of Barb Hamblin
Jeffrey & Diane Bloss In memory of Barb Hamblin
Scott & Michelle Hamblin In memory of Barb Hamblin
Cindy Barclay In memory of Cher, our sweet Golden friend
Dixie Trunko In memory of Harley, who we lost in 2018 after nearly 14 wonderful years with our Golden girl.
Julie Iemma In memory of Riley and recent passign of Noelle
GRIN fundraising partnerships  
Emma Beutell Donation of 10% of sales from the volunteer picnic
Grants and Special Gifts  
Steve McQuown Donation to the Barb Mazanec Fund in memory of my mother Geryll Ann McQuown
Raines/Cadieux Family Fund, a Donor Advised Fund of Renaissance Charitible Foundation Raines Group Challenge
Golden Sponsorships  
Stephanie Szarka Sponsorship of sponsor Lucy, in memory of my beloved Golden Morgan
Carlene Williams Sponsorship of sponsor Mariah, to honor a dear friend for her birthday
Bill and Denise Hetrick Sponsorship of sponsor Roxie.   We are currently fostering Roxie and we fell in love with her.
Bettina and Peter Holzer Sponsorship of sponsor Spring, in memory of our dogs Charlie and Sammy
Monthly and General Golden Gifts  
Art Magrow  
Crystal Hughes  
Erin and Jeffrey Cicarella  
Bob and Leslie Pressnell  
Amber Tarantine  
Jim and Carol Ludwig  
Donna Bates  
Adrienne George Six  
Heather Matthews  
Alison Cordray & Natalie Scheffler  
Amy and Nancy Kantura and Joe Dienes  
Jessica Deighan  
Lindsay Krumheuer  
Darlene Fresh  
Annie Rice  
Nancy McGrew