Sponsorships, Donations,
Grants, Tara Marie Fund

and Special Gifts



Memorials, Tributes and Special Gifts
Paul and Victoria Coulter and the Nash Family In loving memory of Frank Schilling
Ed and Bernie Juchnowski In loving memory of our friend Frank Schilling
Debra Ball In memory of Frank Schilling
Andrew Balogh In memory of Frank Schilling
Stephanie Gould In memory of Frank Schilling
Jeff and Sandra Inskeep-Fox In memory of Frank Schilling
Tony and Carol Moscorelli In memory of Frank Schilling
Gloria Robinson In memory of Frank Schilling
Tracie Tsai In memory of Frank Schilling
Medina Kennel Club In memory of Frank Schilling
Brett Holmberg In honor of Dr Kenneth "Papa B" Baiko, a legend
Vinisha Huwer In honor of Dr Kenneth Baiko
Mike Baiko In honor of Kenneth Baiko
Tucker Gorton In loving memory of Dr. Kenneth Baiko and Good Boi Bo
Tommy and Erika Motsinger In memory of Ken Baiko and to support the rehoming of Brady and Charlie
Jean-Marc Athanassiadis In memory of Kenneth Baiko
Philips Research Group In memory of Kenneth Baiko for his Golden's Brady and Charlie to be placed together
Kelley Barnett, Edgar and Lukas Barnzhaf In memory of Gracie
Janice Rinaldi In memory of Rick Zylak, beloved husband of Sherry
Julie Andrews In support of Teddy's Treats
Marilyn Pokorny In memory of Bailey, adopted by Don & Joan Strenio
Mary Ann Franey In memory of a wonderful golden named Clark
Gary & Debra Sellers In memory of Laura Yarsa
Susan Alford In memory of Max
Melissa Garr In memory of Rosco
Mary Russell In memory of Shadow's dad, Ricky Zylak
Peggy & Tim Jarvis For Jilly's expenses
Melanie & Ed Hunter To help Cadie walk
Ed and Sandi Cleary Special gift- Keep up the great work!  We love what you are doing!
Tara Marie Fund  
Lennie and Jane Kueking In memory of Frank Schilling, a wonderful person, who loved his goldens and did so much for GRIN
Chris Sebrasky In memory of Frank Schilling
Golden Sponsorships  
Teresa Cunningham Sponsorship for  Neve's surgery and recovery expenses
David Bronson Sponsorship for Brady and Charlie
Rich Walters Sponsorship for Cadie
Nancy Meyer Sponsorship for Neve's speedy recovery
Golden Grants  
Golden Retriever Foundation Grant for Sheila
General and Monthly Donations  
Theresa Zeaman  
Jone Watson  
Julia Lanier  
Ron and Karen Barton  
Christine Bernard  
Dawn Bonnett  
Mark and Debbie Peterson  
Brian and LiJean Donovan  
Elesa Butler  
Joanne Westin and Roy Ritzmann  
Jacqueline Stanton  
Christine and Ken Zapinski  
Amber Tarantine  
Jack Kuehn  
Mark and Marla Spreadbury  
Molly Mautz  
Diane Sanders  
Don and Chris Gibbons  
Shannon and Mike Castiglione  
Amy Wrobbel  
Robert and Gail Miller  
John Tondra  
Ellen Brown  
Terri and Martin Fernandes  
Diane O'Brien  
Lisa Bolognia  
Ashley Bright  
Daniel Welcheck  
Gerard & Ann Findlan  
Missy Rogers  
Heather Matthews   
Charles Royer