Memorials and Tributes,

Sponsorships, Donations,

Grants, and Special Gifts





    This is Tori, our beautiful tri-pawd Golden who has found her furever home!

Memorials, Tributes and Special Gifts  
Cynthia Slater In memory of Bella who passed in May of 2019
David & Elizabeth Pugh In memory of Dawn Luhta
Katherine Fuller In memory of GRIN dog Charlie; adopted 9/17 and crossed Rainbow Bridge 12/20
Jean Brown In memory of my brother Dale Brown
Jean Dombi In loving memory of Belle
Shonda Perry and Rob Showalter In loving memory of Jasper
John & Karen Ploscik In loving memory of our Golden Samson
Robyn Trower In memory of Betina Brincefield Fletcher
Dennis Mah In memory of Dawn Luhta who passed away too young.
Thompson Family In memory of Dawn Luhta
Ron Sharpless In remembrance of Dawn Luhta
Connie and Dave Murphy In remembrance of Dawn Luhta
Robin Craft In memory of Ernie's special Golden, Bert.
Debbie Miller In memory of my Mom.
Sallie Fine In memory of Singer Perout who was adopted through GRIN
Don and Diane Mastrobuono In memory of Singer Perout.  Take comfort in knowing that you gave him the best years of his life as he gave you his love and loyalty.
Christina Ice In special remembrance of Bentley
Mike Decker In honor of Donna Allen
Donmarie Russo In honor of all needy dogs
Karen & Todd Kauppila Happy Birthday to Sophie who turns 4!
Gail Ardnt In honor of Sophie Zak's 4th birthday
Mary & Skip Russell In honor of Sophie Zak's 4th birthday
Debbie and Jerry Miller To celebrate our Golden Boy Hinckley
The Tara Marie Fund  
Maria Zoul Donating Gracie's Super Bowl square wins to the Tara Marie Fund
Golden Sponsorships  
Barry and Valerie Wawrin Sponsorship of Yukon
Maddie Janjanin Sponsorship of Bella
Frank and Christine Lukehart Sponsorship of Cooper.  Happy First Birthday Cooper!
Sally Schramp Sponsorship of Rusty
Katherine Masters Sponsoring the Leprechaun litter
Albert Jepson Sponsorship of Shortcake in memory of our sweet foster Wonder.
Ellen Cherry Sponsorship of Tori
Special Gifts and Grants  
ALMART Fine Art Donation to GRIN based on the sales of the Tom Osser Golden at the Museum artwork series
Fifth Generation Inc.  
Greater Pittsburgh Golden Retriever Club  
Monthly and General Gifts for our Goldens
Heather Matthews  
Michael and Patti Lynn Johnston  
Jamie Quinn  
Barb Nelson  
Colleen Moskowitz  
Nancy Peterson  
Timothy Heasley  
Greta Marchus  
Kimberly Waters  
Heather Matthews  
Christin & Tom Unik  
Julie Campbell-Ruggaard  
Alison Cordray & Natalie Scheffler  
Susan Haren