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Memorials, Tributes and Special Gifts
Dan and Angela Branigan In celebration of our Alfie's Gotcha Day.   We foster failed within 48 hours.  Thank you GRIN for putting Alfie in our lives!
Shelly Klose In honor of Kristen Keister
Victoria Kahn  In honor and in memory of Mary Tweedie, beloved guardian of Great & Maya, two beautiful Goldens who Mary loved
Ashley Bird In honor of our GRIN goldens who we love!
Lisa Avedon In memory and honor of our sweet black lab, Zoe
Amanda Haas In memory of Bentley
Carole Lauer In memory of Cassie
Christina Khushalani In memory of GRIN alum Leo Asnani
Timothy Bartlett In memory of Harley K., beloved neighbor/golden friend
Daniel Welcheck In memory of Honey Bear
Kathy Mulheim In memory of Jack and in honor of his mom Denise Nims
Diane and Gary Hoffman In memory of Leo, a dog who filled my heart with joy and love.   I will always love him.
Lynne Aber In memory of Maggie and Keefer, my GRIN Goldens
Daniel Passinault & Regina Byerlein From GRIN dog Molson
Mary Russell Get well soon Hannah!
Karen Kloscik In memory of Conan, Zeus, Samson
Golden Sponsorships  
Scott & Nancy Case Sponsorship for the International Love Group
Michelle Chase Sponsorship of Theo 
Kathleen Pozar Sponsorship for Hannah in memory of our  GRIN girl Courtney and in honor of our Golden girl Sophie
Deanna Stovall Sponsorship for Kelly's upcoming medical expenses.   Wishing Kelly a speedy recovery!
Tara Marie Fund  
Greta & Richard Marchus For the Tara Marie Fund
Monthly and General Donations  
Ashley Rothey  
Mike Niklas  
Lisa Kime  
Sharon Woodliff  
Emily Thome  
Missy Rogers  
Heather Matthews  
Alison Cordray  
Eve Moses  
Mckenzey Dain  
Chrstine Kime  
Rick Doody & Wendy Jo Berry