March and April

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Grants, and Special Gifts








Memorials, Tributes and Special Gifts
Daniel Passinault & Regina Byerlein A special gift from Molson 
Claudia Smith, Meagan Daughetry, Cathleen Boyle, Karen Tirpac and Joan O'Hara Gift sent with love in memory of Lenny and Nichole Reiter's Golden named Wyatt.  He brought them years of joy as an integral part of the family and will be greatly missed.
Deanna Stovall In Dahlia's name; our GRIN Golden we adopted in May 2021
Trish and John Weleski In honor of  Baron.  He's a real sweetheart
Summer Smith In honor of Bryan Hoynacke
Robert Ziener In honor of Kelly and Mack Campbell
Christine Ettl-Mlynek In honor of my friend Jari Wadman and Scout
Daniel Branigan In honor of the second anniversary of Algie's Gotcha Day from GRIN.  So grateful for this organization and having this goofball in our lives
Jean Brown In memory of Dale Brown
Rege Windisch In memory of John Osheka
Regina Schappell In memory of John Osheka, my high school classmate and friend and parent/owner/handler of Sunny and Sundance
Michael Berg In memory of my Golden Disco who passed away in August and today would have been his 13th Birthday
Michael Walko In memory of our beloved Charlie
Jeanne Benson In memory of Sady & Callie
Portia K Weston In remembrance of Dexter
Julie Root In remembrance of Ellie
Diane Koenig In remembrance of Jim Koenig
Linda Mitchell In remembrance of Kevin E. Woodhall, Jilly Bean's dad
Dillon Kuhn In support of Bryan Hoynacke and his dog Parker
Trish Hendy Sponsorship for beautiful girl Annie in memory of our Shelby.   Please let Annie know that she is loved and that Shelby will be looking out for her and will be there to greet her in heaven
Golden Sponsorships
Erin Wood Sponsorship for Curly
Judith Peters Sponsorship for Jilly   
Bettina Holzer Sponsorship for Jilly in memory of our dog Charlie
Kristen and Rob Sutliff Sponsorship for Mariah and in honor of GRIN rescue Molson (aka Reese)
Barry and Valerie Warwin Sponsorship for Nadia
Alfred Vargas Sponsorship for Thor
Monthly and General Gifts
Theresa Rowe
Linda Dudzinsky
Lisa Misko
Tyler Campbell
Derek Bundy
C.E. Hilbert
Josh Pennell
Christine Milus
Barry and Valerie Warwin
Kimberly Waters
Thomas & Marta Weithman
Heather Matthews
Catherine Pontino
Alison Courdray & Natalie Scheffler