Sponsorships, Donations,
Grants, Tara Marie Fund

and Special Gifts





Memorials, Tributes and Special Gifts
Lee Anne Schimpff A gift from one Golden to another
Kellie Green In honor of a good friends's birthday because we both love goldens!
David Kuentz In honor of Charlene Kuentz
Tom Delac In honor of Chris and James Mavrikos
Courtney Ingersoll In honor of my 2 year old Golden
Candice Osborne Briggs In honor of my sister Paula Kriz
Marjorie and Gretchen Grim In honor of Sandie Kadow Buell and in honor of her dog Willie
Jodi and Dave Anderson In memory of Gracie, beloved cat of Scott & Jenny Brubaker.  She loved her golden brothers!
Janice Rinaldi In memory of Howard Perl's beloved fur baby Barkley
Linda Montis and Camp Runinmuck In memory of James Pecl and his and Sid Jordan's golden Kellie
Denise Nims In memory of Jen Zak
Vince Riha In memory of Jen Zak
Martha Anspach In memory of Jen Zak
Debbie Beardmore In memory of Jen Zak
Megan Buckley and Katie's nursing school classmates In memory of Jen Zak
Ed and Bernie Juchnowski In memory of Jen Zak
Amy and Richard Mazanec In memory of Jen Zak
Jill, Scott, Dorothy and Dozer Klingbell In memory of Jen Zak
Donna and Manohar Asnani in loving memory of Jen Zak, and in honor of her family
Natalia Strawn In honor of the amazing woman who brought my friend Tyler Zak into this world!
Brian & Shelley Thomay In memory of Jen Zak
Edward & Kathleen Morgan In memory of Jen Zak
Kenneth & Colleen Jacklitch In memory of Jen Zak
Gerald O Patno In memory of Jen Zak
Frank & Nadine Debevec In honor of Ember
Randy & Dawn Luhta In memory of Bullet, Winston & Sully
Kathy Barickman In memory of Charlie
Cindy & Mike Schiberl In memory of Mikki "Wishes" Schiberly, our first foster failure, our 16th foster
Matt & Karelyn Holub In memory of Millie Youngblood
Valerie Perout In memory of Linda Mikolsky's loving puppy Louie
Linda Ford In memory of my sweet Leo
Michael Walko In memory of our beloved Charlie
Alyssa Winer In memory of Piaget Stewart
Bob Kelly In memory of Sandie Buell
Phyllis Syracuse In memory of Sandra Buell
Richard and Barbara Advey In memory of Sandra Buell
Randy Makee In memory of Sandra Buell
Tina Zawacki In memory of Sandra Buell
Susan Quill and Family In memory of Ted Berr
Denise Nims In memory of Trooper Bernard from the Nims Pack
Jonathan Snyder Donation on behalf of my mother, Jean Andolsen
Melanie McConnell Holiday Donation
Benjamin Grindley Holiday In honor of Mark, Jane and Ranger Grindley
Rich Walters Holiday gift in honor of our dog Libby
Golden Sponsorships
Liz, Jeremy and our golden Ramsey Brantner Sponsorship of Chester
Susan Vanpelt Donation to sponor Molly in honor of Denise Burdette's birthday
Susan Wallace Sponsorship of Farley
Bonnie Shute Sponsorship of Jade in memory of Jeni Zak
Debbie Stackhouse Sponsorship of Sam
Helen Mittler Sponsorship of Sam
Robin Bolash Sponsorship of Sam
Judith Zackel Sponsorship of Willie
General and Monthly Gifts
Beryl Board  
Jim and Carol Ludwig  
Deborah Peterson  
Diane Stokes  
Amy Baucco  
Alicia and Bill Nolan  
Eric and Robin Polack  
Brian and Sarah Bianchi  
Art Magrow  
Julie Iemma  
Jamie Quinn  
Anne Dickinson  
John Doone  
Joanna Hardis  
Brian Taylor  
Tara Marie Fund Gifts
Maria & Larry Zoul In memory of Sandra Buell
Special GRIN Event Sponsorships
Karen Kilbane Volunteer luncheon beverage sponsor
Eve Moses Volunteer luncheon dessert sponsor
Cynthia Gecik Volunteer luncheon dessert sponsor
Laurie Zahar Volunteer luncheon dessert sponsor
Colleen Stecker Volunteer luncheon dessert sponsor
Dave and Sherry Vanderneut Volunteer luncheon dessert sponsor
Lori Zizka and husband Volunteer luncheon dessert sponsors
Staci Duffy Volunteer luncheon meatball sponsor
Dotti Eitel Volunteer luncheon meatball sponsor
Kyle Freedman - KNB Capital Volunteer luncheon meatball sponsor
Kyle Freedman - Ohio Real Appraisal Volunteer luncheon meatball sponsor
Diane Kanney and Kelly Cameron Volunteer luncheon meatball sponsor in honor of our boy Riley 
David and Valerie Perout Volunteer luncheon pasta sponsor
Rose Nolan Volunteer luncheon pasta sponsor
Ed and Bernie Juchnowski Volunteer luncheon salad sponsor
Ellen Cherry Volunteer luncheon salad sponsor
Corporate Donations
Squirrels LLC Matching donation for their employee, Sidney Keith