To our GRIN friends and supporters,
From the Board of Trustees at GRIN., we would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude for the many generous donations made to GRIN this holiday season. Because of your caring and generous support, we are able to continue our mission in finding displaced and unwanted goldens forever homes. We wish each and every member, volunteer, family and friend a very Happy New Year!


In Memory or in Honor of Holiday Donations

Sherry & Dave Vanderneut

Bash, Jackson, Nellie, Mr. Darcy, Molly, Finnigan & Arlo-forever loved

Colleen Stecker

For Homer in memory of Kellie Malec

Joan and Tom Hedges

In celebration of Rosy and Roman!

Nancy Booth

 In honor of all my Goldens

Stephanie Gould

In honor and memory of all the animals who have loved me

Walter & Carol Dan

In honor and memory of our GRIN Golden Boy Duncan Dan

Carol Beatenhead-McAtee

In honor of Bayliann, Sutter, & Flander Beatenhead

Katherine Fuller

 In honor of Charlie

Justine Blossom

In honor of Chloe

Mike & Staci Duffy

 In honor of Codeman

Ralene McNeal

In honor of Cooper

Marie & Thomas Cook

In honor of Duke

The Spisak's

In honor of Flurry

Ron & Karen Barton

 In honor of Horton

Merry Anne & Allen Szidik

In honor of Hunter Szidik

Terri & Dave Giorgis

In honor of Jasper

Joanna Miller

In honor of Jessie & Kona

Theresa & Mitch Lapin

In honor of Lady

Irene Sarkiewicz

In honor of Marley

Todd & Susan Wendling

In honor of Mollie & Nickie

The Bornes Family

In honor of Paisley our GRIN dog

Linda Gross

In honor of Princeton and in memory of Bella & Jack

Richard & Renee Quinn

In honor of Sister Mary who brought our special Summit to us

Pam Bernhard

 In honor of Tally Jo & Trooper

Linda Marsh

In honor of Teddy

Betsy Bullock

In honor of the countless hours that Tracie Tsai goves to the goldens she loves!

Betty Slaybaugh

In honor of the puppy mill dogs

Pat Laflin

In honor of Whisler and memory of Callaway

Tracy Martello

In honor of Zoey

Joshua & Caitlin Klajnowski

 In memory of Abbie, Callie & Maxine

 Mark & Caroline Sugalski

 In memory of Ashlee

Mary Kay Kennedy

In memory of Astrid Weizman

Kim & John Fields

In memory of Bear & Buddy Fields

Judy Eakin

In memory of Buc

Rob & Deb Hedrick

In memory of Bud

Matt, Liz & Shadow Dorcik

In memory of Buddy who crossed the rainbow bridge on 11/21/18

Mary Kacmar

 In memory of Casey, Fitz & Franklin

Steve & Bernadette Duraney

 In memory of Charlie

Kathy Barickman

In memory of Charlie my golden who passed in August

Donna & Manohar Asnani

 In memory of Chaser & Danny

Maggie Irwin

In memory of Cody, Jackson & Jake

Debra Engel

In memory of Daphne

Mary Ann & Tom Halfhill

In memory of Denver

Margo Buttner

 In memory of Elmer

Joan Lovicz

In memory of Glory

Brian & Sarah Bianchi

In memory of Graham, our first Golden

Debra Bunn

In memory of GRIN Dog Sarge, Cody & Rowdy

Robert Gilmore

 In memory of Jalle & Dagwood

Mary Russell

In memory of Kay Starry that loved all her GRIN granddogs

Dale & Mary Whitmire

 In memory of Kelly, Molly, Hannah

Walter & Judy Anderson

In memory of Madison

Lois Rhea

In memory of Megan (GRIN girl)

Maureen Chytracek

In memory of Michael W Chytracek's Goldens Jordan & Payton

Sharon Dorman & HermanTurner

 In memory of Minnie

David & Kathy Zock

In memory of Misty & Sam

Cynthia Gecik

In memory of Molly Gecik

Rose Nolan

In memory of Molly Nolan

Sally Schweitzer

In memory of Mulligan

Sharon Phillis

 In memory of my golden girl Penny

Nora Wilcox

In memory of My sweet Molly, 9/1/2002-4/20/2018

Pamela Farr

In memory of Norbert

Marcy & Jim Henyey

in memory of Oscar Henyey

Al & Toni Jepson

In memory of our GRIN boy Brinkely

Michael & Cindy Mullen

In memory of Pepsi Mullen

Larry & Linda Cummings

In memory of Prestorn, our first Golden Retriever

Jon & Denise DeHass

In memory of Quincy our GRIN dog

Jim & June Zakrajsek

 In memory of Redford, Mojo, Molly, Shadow, Amos, Sully, Duchy, Buddy & Lady

Bill & Denice Osborne

In memory of Reilly Cave

James Dailey

In memory of Riley & Tyler

Anita Flyer

In memory of Robert Flyer

Don & Linda Warner

In memory of Rosie, Sugar, Brodie & Jack

Michele Carson-Frisch & Stephen Frisch

 In memory of Rudy our Golden who crossed over the rainbow bridge in 2004

John & Jane Stilla

In memory of Rusty, AKA Oliver

Martha Cailor

 In memory of Scouts Honor Cailor

Rochelle Latkanich

In memory of Senior GRIN Boy Douglas, my sweet boy

Clay & Jenifer Zak

In memory of Sgt Colin J Zak

Randall & Lee Gotschalk

 In memory of Sonny, Mac, Toby & Bentley - all GRIN dogs

Sally Hodder

In memory of Spencer & Lucy

John Osheka

In memory of Sundance

Teri Hays

In memory of Sunny, Libby and Dolly - my 3 Goldens

Kathleen Pilny

In memory of Taffy

Janice Menegay

In memory of Tank

Timothy & Margaret Burns

 In memory of Teddy

Rita Jean Wagar

 In memory of Trapper

Ann McVan

In memory of Travis

The Fordham Family Trust

 In memory of Trooper & Scooter

Jean McBride

In memory of Wendy & Penny

Darrin & Stephanie Kuczynski

In memory of Wilson Kyczynski

Jerry & Tama Storer

In memory of Zeus

Judy Drotar

 In memory of Zolotia's Fear Nothing

Kathleen Morrison

In memoyr of Brandy


General Holiday Donations


Linda Oyaski


Joe, Nancy, Honey and Maxwell Bair



Jean Andolsen


Dan & Jan Distl


Richard & Karen Kraushaar


Gail Schmitz


Dayna & Mike Short


David Liggett


Karen Smith


Doug & Deb Taylor


Jolyn Reams


Craig & Kristi McConnell


Nadine Debevec


Cheryl & James Maeder


Walter Novak


Ken & Jan Okeson


Jack Kuehn


Ron & Trish Gibbons


Tim & Erin Heasley


Ivan Markovitz


Judith Amendola Pod


Dan & Leona Russo


Chuck & Karen Smith


Dixie & Bob Bowen


Shannon Castiglione


Edward Thiell


Nancy Dobras


Walter & Florence Seda


Virginia Cic


Joann Cook


Ross & Elisabeth Goodman


Dr. Alan Seth Greenwald


Dina Gruey


Martin Fernandes, MD & Therese Fernandes, RN