To each of our GRIN friends and supporters,
From the Board of Trustees at GRIN, we would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude for the many generous donations made to GRIN this holiday season. Because of your continued and generous support, we are able to continue our mission to rescue and care for displaced and unwanted goldens and find their forever homes. This continues to be a challenging year with so many puppy mill goldens and goldens with severe medical issues that without you, we could not have rescued and continue to care for these goldens.  

We wish each and every member, volunteer, family and friend a very healthy and Happy New Year!




Holiday Gifts to Honor, Memorials and Tributes
Jane Frazier In honor of Baley and in memory of Smokey
Jim Fleet & Renie Wirkus In honor of Bravo & Duke, in memory of Sienna
Judy Eakin In honor of Buc
Brittany Gesing In honor of Dahlia "Sunshine" Gesing's first birthday 10/21/22
Debra Engel In honor of Daphne
Emily & Cam Posney In honor of Darcy
Jim & Sue Lechko In honor of Duke
Dan & Susie Quinn In honor of Duke now Dukey
David & Martha Grumbach In honor of Ginger and in memory of Chase, Champ & Ben
Kim & John Fields In honor of Ginger, Buddy & Bear
Kim Mitchell In honor of Henry
Debbie & Jerry Miller In honor of Hinckley & Harrison
Ron & Karen Barton In honor of Horton
Allan & Merry Anne Szidik In honor of Hunter, Hailey & Harrison Szidik
Terri & Dave Giorgis In honor of Jasper
Jeff Barina In honor of Laura Barina
Debra & Dennis Bornes In honor of Lexi, in memory of Paisley
Kay Masters In honor of Milo
Dan Passinault & Gina Byerlein In honor of Molson, our beloved Golden from GRIN
Darrin & Stephanie Kuczynski In honor of Nemo
Joni Naseity-Beade In honor of our precious pups
Daniel & Leona Russo In honor of our Turkey Dog Tootsie
Sharon Phillis In honor of Randy Deal
PK Weston In honor of Rosie, Hope, Annie & Buddy
Mary Owen In honor of Sadie
Rich & Renee Quinn In honor of Summit, Sally & Honey
Allie & Ryan Surface In honor of the Peanuts Gang Pups of 2021
Rick & Trudy Keyse In honor of Albie
Sheila & Robert Mitchell in honor of all the GRIN volunteers
Stephanie Gould In honor of all the GRIN volunteers!
Denisa Iacob In honor of Casey
Scott & Nancy Case In honor of Clara & Ruby & in memory of Callee
Cheri Gmiter In honor of Cooper & Lexi who we've had for 7 years thanks to GRIN!
Janet Hall & Yvonne Aguilera In honor of Copper, formerly Misty
Dr. Normal Czubaj In honor of Donna Asnani
Morgan Kopycinski In honor of Jade
Dave & Terri Giorgis In honor of Jasper
Jeffrey Barina In honor of Laura Barina for Christmas!
Diane Sanders In honor of Lulu Sanders
John & Kim Stephan In honor of Melba Toast from the Centerville Trail Neighbors for Christmas
Christine Perkins In honor of Molly Brown & GRIN Dog Zoey
Jean Brown In honor of my brother Dale Brown
Christine Bernard In honor of my GRIN dog Rylie
Caroline Chesbrough In honor of my many wonderful goldens
Suzanne & Brian O'Dea In honor of our GRIN dog Willow
Kevin & Cecelia LaFollette In honor of our precious Ben & in memory of Bello, Varley & Bellini
Sherry Phillis In honor of Randy Deal
Robert & Janice Passante In honor of Red
Lauren Singley In honor of Ruby
August Bruno In honor of Shadow
Pat Laflin In honor of Whistler & in memory of Callaway
Jimmy Ring In memory of all our Golden pups; Samny, Molly & GRIN pups Murray & Admiral
Dave & Ellen Schutter In memory of Babe & Cody
Steve & Shellie Arms In memory of Beau & Bella
Pam Bernhard In memory of Briggs Bernhard
Al & Toni Jepson In memory of Brinkley
Cheryl Thomson In memory of Charlotte
Ken & Jan Okeson In memory of Cher
Kathy & Peter Stipanovich In memory of Gabby
Melanie Hunter In memory of GRIN pups Casey, Mindy and Riley and Edward Hunter, Riley's Dad
Rochelle Latkanich In memory of GRIN senior boy Douglas & GRIN Turkey dog Sundance
Kathleen Morrison In memory of Jim Morrison and Brandy and Lindy GRIN girls
Donna & Manohar Asnani In memory of Leo
Roy & Lynne Aber In memory of Maggie and Keefer
Caitlin Klajnowski In memory of Max Rothrouff, In honor of Frankie Weir and Luna Klajnowski
Tom & Mary Ann Halfhill In memory of Max, Czado & Denver
The Guerrieri Family In memory of Mia, Sophie, Bella & Penny & Nikki
Maureen Chytracek In memory of Michael Chytracek 
Elizabeth Dorcik In memory of my husband Matthew
Jim & Marcy Henyey In memory of Oscar Henyey
Jon & Denise DeHass In memory of our GRIN dog Quincy
Kathy Altieri In memory of Patsy
Randy Deluga In memory of Peggy Keough
Sue Randall-Alexander In memory of Precious
Nancy Peterson In memory of Riley, Shaemus, Isabella (Bella) and Annastasia
Anita Flyer In memory of Robert Flyer
Ron & Trish Gibbons In memory of Sammy
John & Karen Ploscik In memory of Samson, our beloved Golden
Marlene Goldman In memory of Sheldon Goldman
Rose Nolan In memory of Stanley, Nellie & Leon Chalwa
Kathleen Pilny In memory of Taffy & Sydney
Janice Menegay In memory of Tank
Jim & Joanne Voight In honor of all you do through GRIN!
Eva & John Hughes In loving memory of Lucy. Thanks for saving her and for all you do!
Sherry Vanderneut In memory & honor of all of our wonderful dogs over the last 50 years
Jane & Jeff Frazier In memory of all my rescue dogs we have had.  In honor of Bailey.
Jim & June Zakrajsek In memory of all the Zakrajsek dogs & cats that crossed over
Joanne Voigt In memory of Andy
Francis McVan In memory of Anna M. McVan
Dave & Karol Liggett In memory of Arson K-9 Ian owned 
Andrea Guerrieri In memory of Bella, Sophie, Mia & Gia
Bonnie & Rich Sweebe In memory of Bittersweet's Golden Skye
Donna Sadlik In memory of Bowie McFarland
Donna Guggenbiller In memory of Charlie Guggenbiller
Mike & Kim Jehle In memory of Cooper
Peter & Kathy Stipanovich In memory of Gabby
Keri Lyn Burrows In memory of GRIN dogs Maggie & Dudley, Clancy & Anubis and in honor of Nefret
Rick & Melanie Weiss In memory of Gunner, Alexis Ward & Brandon Laughlin
Kathleen Tufts In memory of Hali & Jack
Denice Osborne In memory of Jasper, Dylan, Miss Lillian & Reilly
Lois Higgins In memory of Jaxson Olson  and as a thank you for his many years of service providing care to those in hospice
William & Natalie Kroman In memory of Jazzy
Cindy Cutshall & David Downing In memory of Kelli & Maggie
Dale Whitmire In memory of Kelly, Molly & Hannah
Mary Ann Halfhill In memory of Max, Czado & Denver
Jake Busch & Elise Baron In memory of Molly (Sunkist) Baron
Melanie & Edward Hunter In memory of my granddog Macy May & beloved GRIN dogs
Cindy Brown In memory of our 5 year old golden Copper who passed away suddenly
Walter & Carol Dan In memory of Paxton & Duncan & in honor of Tucker
Ron Fogle In memory of Princess
Sharon Dorman In memory of Romeo
Ed & Bernie Juchnowski In memory of Savannah & Russ Gossett
Anne Day In memory of Sullivan & Norman
Linda Marsh In memory of Sweetie
Christina S. Goloversic To help with Lulu Belle's surgery
Shannon Castiglione We have 3 GRIN dogs & love this organization
Tom & Marta Weithman For all the GRIN goldens
Kathleen & David Zock For all the GRIN goldens
Bonnie Sweebe For all the GRIN goldens
Charles Royer For all the GRIN goldens
Barb & Bill Eitel For all the GRIN goldens
Sharon Schoenegge For all the GRIN goldens
Tracie Tsai For all the GRIN goldens
Laura Diesing For all the GRIN goldens
Diane Koscelnik For all the GRIN goldens
Justine Blossom For all the GRIN goldens
Bob Hasinski For all the GRIN goldens
Walter Mandell For all the GRIN goldens
Sharon Dorman $ Herman Turner For all the GRIN goldens
Jan Nawalaniec & Christina Goloversic For all the GRIN goldens
Darrin & Stephanie Zuczynski For all the GRIN goldens
Cheryl Pierce & Rhonda Sudina For all the GRIN goldens
Cheryl & Jim Maeder For all the GRIN goldens
Carrie Povejsil For all the GRIN goldens
Roseann Harper For all the GRIN goldens
Ed Reichek For all the GRIN goldens
David & Kathleen Zock For all the GRIN goldens
Charlene Hartson For all the GRIN goldens
Sharon Shoenegge For all the GRIN goldens
Diane Zukowski For all the GRIN goldens
Marie Cook For all the GRIN goldens
Kristi & Craig McConnell For all the GRIN goldens
The Tara Marie Fund Holiday Gifts  
Maria Zoul For the Tara Marie Fund
Jane & Lennie Kueking In honor of Wrigley and in memory of Luke, Sadie, Johnny & Polly