To each of our GRIN friends and supporters,
  From the Board of Trustees at GRIN., we would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude for the many   generous donations made to GRIN this holiday season. Because of your caring and generous support, we are able to continue our mission in finding displaced and unwanted goldens forever homes. We wish each and every member, volunteer, family and friend a very Happy New Year!



Debbie and Jerry Miller In memory of our golden boy nephew Oliver Messitt
Shannon Reed In name of Ashley Lonczak
Virginia Backus For Goldie
Barry & Valerie Wawrin In honor & memory of all our pets who have cared for us
Cindy Mansfield In honor and memory of Michael Mansfield and Tanner, Todd & Jasper
Steven & Dotti Eitel In honor of AJ, in memory of Hanson and Gracie Good Girl
Sherry & Dave Vanderneut In honor of all of the wonderful Goldens who have touched our lives
Mary Russell In honor of all the lucky pups that made it to GRIN this year!
Michelle Arms In honor of Bella, GRIN puppy
Beth Duricky In honor of Bogey
Stan & Lisa Corwin In honor of Boo, our wonderful GRIN dog from Turkey
Cheryl Thomas In honor of Charlotte and memory of Wesley & Buster
Ralene McNeal In honor of Cooper adoted 9/30/18
Marcia Dawson In honor of Cosmo (formerly Timmy)
Teresa & Mike Lehner In honor of Ginger, formerly Gypsy
Barb Burdette In honor of GRIN alum Molly, formerly Berry
Amanda Rihn In honor of GRIN dog Ann and in memory of GRIN dog Ella
Ron & Karen Barton In honor of GRIN dog Horton
Mary Owen In honor of GRIN dog Jack
Jack Kuehn In honor of GRIN dog Shelby, we love her!
Richard & Renee Quinn In honor of GRIN Golden Sally we just love her and in memory of Raleigh
Cindy, Curt & Ethan Meeder In honor of Jimmer
Lynne Aber In honor of Keefer and in memory of Maggie
Donna & Monahar Asnani  In honor of Leo, in memory of Chaser and Danny
John & Jay Atamanec In honor of Nancy Atamanec
Darrin & Stephanie Kuczynski In honor of Nemo Kuczynski
Rebecca Timko In honor of Michelle Gole
Mary & Ron Mills In honor of Oriana
Gene & Mary Merrill In honor of our GRIN girl Daisy
Jim & Leslie Southern In honor of our rescue Coconut and in memory of Stella
Jennifer & Walter Foster In honor of our Sierra and in memory of my Som
The Bornes Family In honor of Paisley
Jon & Denise DeHass In honor of Quincy - our GRIN dog
Sherry Zylak In honor of Shadow and in memory of Harley & Buddy
Tim & Angie Sarna In honor of Soleil, now known as Hailie
Elise Baron In honor of Sunkist, now known as Molly Molasses
Ms. Carol Salmon In honor of the tireless volunteers of GRIN
James Dailey In honor of Vdog (vegan dog food)
Pat Laflin In honor of Whisler and memory of Callaway
Tracy Martello In honor of Zoey
Christian Wig & Leslie Heath In memory of Abraham & Elijah
Nancy Horvath In memory of Amelia & Kosar
Elaine Folbert In memory of Ashley & Lexie
Kim Mitchell In memory of Aunt Susie
Lynda Quinn In memory of Bailey - the best dog ever!
Bailey & Buddy In memory of Bailey & Buddy
Ellen & Dave Schutter In memory of Bebe, Cody & Casey
Tom & Nancy Peterson In memory of Bella & Riley
Kevin & Ceceilila Lafollette In memory of Bello, Barley & Bellini
Jean Andolsen In memory of Biscuit
Judy Eakin In memory of Buc & Jake
Rob & Deb Hetrick In memory of Bud
Kim & John Fields In memory of Buddy & Bear
Rose Nolan In memory of Casey & Molly Nolan
Anita Flyer In memory of Casey, Daisy and Rosie
Charles Royer In memory of Chaser Asnani
Karen Bauer In memory of Curt Bauer
Nikki Kraynick In memory of Dailey & Dunkin 
Virginia Cic In memory of Emmie
Donny Mahovlic In memory of Gage
Joan Lovicz In memory of Glory
Linda Marsh In memory of GRIN dog Teddy
Ivan Markovitz In memory of GRIN dog Wynthrope
Gretchen Kresge In memory of GRIN girl Molly, AKA Fala
Rochelle Latkanich In memory of GRIN senior boy Douglas
Denise Nims In memory of Gunnar Nims
Ed & Judy Bash In memory of Hobie
Tim & Peg Jarvis In memory of Jack - we had him for 6 mos, he was a precious old boy and knew he was loved
Janice Menegay In memory of Jasper & Tank
Caroline Chesebrough In memory of Jen Zak
Kathleen Morrison In memory of Jim Morrison and GRIN dog Brandy
Patty & Bill Jones In memory of Louie Jones - GRIN rescue
Sally Holdder In memory of Lucy and Spencer
Vince & Monica Detore In memory of Luke (GRIN dog) and Katie-our Goldens
Elizabeth Dorcik In memory of Matthew Dorcik and Buddy, Shadow, Maggie, Lucy and Max
Mary Ann & Tom Halfhill In memory of Max, Czado, Denver and Truman
Maureen Chytracek In memory of Michael W Chytracek, Jordan and Payton
Dave & Terri Giorgis In memory of Midas & Boss
Todd & Susan Wendling In memory of Mollie Bella who passed in May
Sally Schweitzer In memory of Mulligan
Mary Kay & Dennis Lynch In memory of Murphy & Riley
Lois Rhea In memory of my GRIN girl Megan
Martha Cailor In memory of my many goldens 
Nancy Booth In memory of my many Goldens that I have fostered and adopted, currently Dosh
Alexandra Walke In memory of my sweet Ginger
Marcy & Jim Henyey In memory of Oscar Henyey
Albert & Toni Jepson In memory of our GRIN boy Brinkley
David & Chryse Brown In memory of Passion, 12 years of Golden fun
Janet & Nathan Jacobson In memory of Pebbles and Pepper Jacobson
Charlotte Paltani In memory of Petey
Tim & Erin Heasley In memory of Ramos
Mike & Cindy Mullen In memory of Riley Mullen
The Wojanis Family In memory of Rusty
Jane Stilla In memory of Rusty, aka Oliver
Melanie Hunter In memory of Sadie Marie and my GRIN goldens Casey, Mindy Louise and Riley
Nancy Dobras In memory of Sammy
Doug Powers In memory of Sammy
Debra Bunn In memory of Sarge, Cody & Rowdy
Ed & Bernie Juchnowski In memory of Savannah & Russ Gossett
Kim Mitchell In memory of Sean Carmichael
Marlene Goldman In memory of Sheldon Goldman, the 1st president of GRIN
James Fleet & Irene Wirkus In memory of Sienna and in honor of Bravo & Duke
Marcie Levine & Rob Lovell In memory of Tacoma - gone way too soon
Kathleen Pilny In memory of Taffy
Joseph Mercer In memory of Warren & Alayne Mercer
Jean McBride In memory of Wendy & Penny
Mitch & Theresa Lapin In memory of Zoey, China & Luna Lapin
Martin Golembiewski For Max and Cooper
Joyce & Patrick Montgomery For Missy
Laurie Keriotis My precious Lola
Carol Anne Beatenhead In honor of Flander, Sutter and Baylianne
Dixie Bowen In honor of Gunner
Jodi Simon In honor of our sweet Brynna
Edward Thiell In honor of Sami, Woody, Bert, Henry and Regan
Jan Nawalaniec & Christina Goloversic In memory of Jen Zak
Dale Whitmire In memory of Molly, Kelly and Hannah
Jim & June Zakrajsek In memory of Redford, Mojo, Molly, Sully, Amos, Buddy, Lady, Mettalica, 
Lee Gottschalk In memory of Sonny, Mac, Toby & Bentley-all GRIN dogs 
Chris Sebrasky Designated to the Tara Marie fund
Joseph & Rosemary Mlynarski We love Benny!
Mike & Laura Coyne We love our GRIN dog Alvin!
Mike and Staci Duffy Holiday Gift to GRIN
Matt Craggs Holiday Gift to GRIN
Mary Griffith Holiday Gift to GRIN
Maggie Irwin Holiday Gift to GRIN
Tracie Tsai Holiday Gift to GRIN
Sharon Schoenegge Holiday Gift to GRIN
Cheryl & Jim Maeder Holiday Gift to GRIN
Ed Reichek Holiday Gift to GRIN
Geoff Blossom Holiday Gift to GRIN
Doug & Deb Taylor Holiday Gift to GRIN
The Shorts Holiday Gift to GRIN
Jolyn Reams Holiday Gift to GRIN
Randy Deluga Holiday Gift to GRIN
Ron & Trish Gibbons Holiday Gift to GRIN
Dan & Leona Russo Holiday Gift to GRIN
Richard & Karen Kraushaar Holiday Gift to GRIN
Holly Ozinga Holiday Gift to GRIN
The Cornelius Family Holiday Gift to GRIN
Bill & Barb Eifel Holiday Gift to GRIN
Sue Lechko Holiday Gift to GRIN
Mary Banar Holiday Gift to GRIN
Betty Slaybaugh Holiday Gift to GRIN
August Bruno Holiday Gift to GRIN
Judy Drotar Holiday Gift to GRIN
Rob Gilmore Holiday Gift to GRIN
Jocelyn & Scott Duffy Holiday Gift to GRIN
Don & Linda Warner Holiday Gift to GRIN
Kathy & David Zock Holiday Gift to GRIN
Bonnie Sweebe Holiday Gift to GRIN
Christine Perkins Holiday Gift to GRIN
Laura & Jeff Barina Holiday Gift to GRIN
Sharon Dorman Holiday Gift to GRIN
Charles & Karen Smith Holiday Gift to GRIN