To our GRIN friends and supporters,
From the Board of Trustees at GRIN, we would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude for the many generous donations made to GRIN this holiday season, especially during this year while we deal with a pandemic. Because of your caring and generous support, we are able to continue our mission in finding displaced and unwanted goldens forever homes. We wish each and every member, volunteer, family and friend a very healthy and Happy New Year!



Memorial and Tributes Holiday Gifts
Nancy Booth  In honor & memory of all my Goldens 
Patricia Laflin  In honor & memory of Whistler & Callaway 
Josephine Graf  In honor Gypsy 
Dotti & Steven Eitel  In honor of AJ - April Joy 
Barry & Valerie Wawrin  In honor of all our animal friends past and present 
Jim & Sue Lechko  In honor of all the great things the organization does to save these dogs 
Eric & Alison Nakanishi  In honor of Angus 
Stan & Lisa Corwin  In honor of Boo, our wonderful GRIN dog from Turkey 
Fred & Joan Byrd  In honor of Buddy, Copper & Logan 
Christina Kaiser  In honor of Buster 
Tom & Mary Ann Halfhill  In honor of Cadie who is part of our family! 
Florence Seda  In honor of Daisy 
Gene & Mary Merrill  In honor of Daisy, rescued 5/2012 - she is the sweetest 
Mr. & Mrs. Czubaj  In honor of Donna Asnani 
Kelly & Tom Mastroianni  In honor of Emma,formerly known as Twinkie 
David Downing & Cindy Cutshall  In honor of Finn our crazy wonderful GRIN puppy 
Paula Moyer  In honor of Gavin 
Kim & John Fields  In honor of Ginger, Buddy and Bear 
Sue Parsons  In honor of Gracie & Tiffany 
Jack Kuehn  In honor of GRIN dog Shelby 
Tim & Peg Jarvis  In honor of GRIN dogs Rosie & Jilly and in memory of Jilly 
Allan & Merry Anne Szidik  In honor of Harley Szidik 
Jennifer Martinez  In honor of Hayes & Griffen 
Ron & Karen Barton  In honor of Horton 
Ralph & Susan Fink  In honor of Jersey Girl, formerly Findley 
Cora-Lee Smith  In honor of Judy Gaetje's birthday 
Linda Marsh  In honor of Kelsey 
Debra & Dennis Bornes  In honor of Lexi & in memory of Paisley 
Laurie Thompson  In honor of Loki 
Bethany Grant  In honor of Luka, formerly Xander 
Ron Fogle  In honor of Max & Princess 
Elise Brown  In honor of Molasses formerly known as Sunkist 
Barb Burdette  In honor of Molly 
Kevin & Cecilia LaFollette  In honor of our Ben! In memory of Bellio, Barley & Bellini 
Caitlin & Josh Klajnowski  In honor of our foster girls; Strider, Sophie, Star, Lady & Sybil 
Marcia Dawson  In honor of our GRIN dog Cosmo, formerly known as Timmy 
Lenny & Nicole Reiter  In honor of our GRIN dog Wyatt 
Marcie Levine & Rob Lovell  In honor of our newest GRIN boy Braxton 
Kelly Robinson  In honor of Paisley & Brooks 
David & Debra Rustic  In honor of Raven, Levi and Pearl 
Greg & Alice Greenwood  In honor of River & Wrigley 
Julia Lanier  In honor of Sally 
Ralph & Kathi Eaton  In honor of Scarlett 
August Bruno  In honor of Shadow 
Paul, Maureen & David Hardy  In honor of Teddy Spisak 
Tracy Martello  In honor of Zoey 
Jim & Brenda Bonfanti  In memory of Abby
Cherie Gmiter  In memory of all the goldens that have passed on! 
Mark Shadle & Patti Neary-Shadle  In memory of Baker, formerly Knox 
Bob & Susie Harlan  In memory of Bart Harlan 
Steve & Shellie Arms  In memory of Beau & Bella 
PK Weston & Terry Dougan  In memory of Beau & Daisy 
Douglas & Sandra Rapp  In memory of Bella 
Sherry & Dave Vanderneut  In memory of Bosh,Nellie, Jackson, Mr. Darcy, Molly, Arlo, Finnegan, Pippa 
Mary & Jim Kacmar  In memory of Brandi, Shamus, Casey 
Anita Flyer  In memory of Casey and Daisy Flyer
David & Martha Grumbach  In memory of Champ, Chase & Ben 
Katherine Fuller  In memory of Charlie 
Donna & Manohar Asnani  In memory of Chaser & Danny 
Jill McCauley  In memory of Dane Swensgard
Debra Engel  In memory of Daphne 
Pete & Linda McVoy  In memory of Darby & Cathryn 
Nadine & Frank Debevec  In memory of Ember 
Laura Diesing  In memory of GRIN dog Herbert 
Jeanne Benson  IN memory of GRIN dogs Sadie & Callie 
William Damico  In memory of Harley 
Colleen Stecker  In memory of Higgins Stecker 
Ed & Judy Bash  In memory of Hobie 
Mary Owen  In memory of Jack 
Rick & Judy Eakon  In memory of Jak Elwood 
Janice Menegay  In memory of Jasper & Tank 
Debbie & Jerry Miller  In memory of Jen Zak 
Clay Zak  In memory of Jenifer & Collin Zak 
Mark Shadle & Patti Neary-Shadle  In memory of Jennifer Zak 
Kathleen Morrison  In memory of Jim Morrison 
Tom & Ann Maier  In memory of Judy Rabne 
Kathy & Peter Stipanovich  In memory of Kelly & Gaby 
Dale & Mary Whitmire  In memory of Kelly, Molly & Hannah 
Nancy Meyer  In memory of Loki 
Lynne Aber  In memory of Maggie & Keefer 
Elizabeth Dorcik  In memory of Max, Lucy, Magie, Buddy & Shadow 
Lois Rhea  In memory of Megan my GRIN girl 
Dave & Terri Giorgis  In memory of Midas & Boss 
Maureen Chytracek  In memory of Mike Chytracek, Jordan & Payton 
David & Kathleen Zock  In memory of Misty & Sam 
Susan Wendling  In memory of Mollie Belle 
Dave & Karol Liggett  In memory of Moose 
Debbie Strickland  In memory of my first GRIN dog Kelsey 
Rochelle Latkanich  In memory of my GRIN senior boy, Douglas 
Erin & Scott Permar  In memory of Mycroft Permar 
Brad & Barbara Beardsley  In memory of Ollie 
Jim & Marcy Henyey  In memory of Oscar Henyey 
Al & Toni Jepson  In memory of our golden GRIN boy Brinkley 
John & Denise DeHass  In memory of our GRIN dog Quincy 
Walter Mandell  In memory of Pal, Ruby and GRIN dog Oakley 
David & Chryse Brown  In memory of Passion 
Kathy Altieri  In memory of Patsy 
Walter & Carol Dan  In memory of Paxton & Duncan and in honor of our current GRIN boy Tucker 
Nanci Adams  In memory of Rebecca Dolder 
Sharon Dorman  In memory of Romeo 
Joannie Layne  In memory of Rosie 
Don & Linda Warner  In memory of Rosie, Sugar, Brodie & Jack 
Jennifer Foster  In memory of Sam   
Ron & Trish Gibbons  In memory of Sammy 
Ed & Bernie Juchnowski  In memory of Savannah & Russ Gossett 
Marcia Fordman  In memory of Scooter 
Karen Kilbane  In memory of Scout 
Marlene Goldman  In memory of Sheldon Goldman, the first President of GRIN 
Carol anne Beatenhead  In memory of Shiloh, Spencer, Dreamer and Sakine 
Jim Fleet & Irene Wirkus  In memory of Sienna & in honor of Bravo & Duke 
Richard & Renee Quinn  In memory of Summit and honor of Sally & Honey 
Kathleen Pilny  In memory of Taffy, Sydney 
Cheryl Thomson  In memory of Wesley & Charlotte 
Mitch & Theresa Lapin  In memory of Zoey, China and Luna Lapin 
Jim & June Zakrajsek  In memoyr of Hubert, Mojo, Molly, Shadow, Amos, Redford, Duchess, Buddy, Lady Sullivan 
Mike & Patti Fischer  In honor of Robie, Liberty, Anel & Cassidy 
Caroline Chesebrough  Sponsorship of the Merry Five International Dogs 
Holiday gifts for the Tara Marie Fund
Chris Sebrasky  
Maria & Larry Zoul  
General holiday gifts for our goldens
Jackie Stanton  
Tracie Tsai  
Jim & Cheryl Maeder  
Gemma & Tony Giannantonio  
The Schoenegge Family  
The Hugney Family  
Heather Matthews  
Kim Mitchell  
Betty Slaybaugh  
Lampey Living Trust  
Randi DeLuga  
Geoffrey Blossom  
Robert & Dixie Bowen  
Gina Byerlein & Dan Passinault  
Rich & Bonnie Sweebe  
Kathleen Floyd  
Daniel Russo Jr  
Karen Urich  
Mark Stevens  
Vanessa McClaine