The Barb Mazanec Memorial Fund, previously known as The Arnold Fund, was set up to help defray the cost for Golden Retrievers that enter our program in need of extensive veterinary care. The Fund was originally named in honor of our first fund recipient, Arnold. He came to GRIN from a shelter when he was only about a year old and couldn't open his mouth more than 1/2". After evaluation by a specialist and many diagnostic tests, it was determined that his jaw had been broken due to trauma and healed improperly, making it impossible for him to open his mouth more than just a 1/2." Because of this he could eat, but he could have serious issues that would lead to choking, aspiration of fluids or pneumonia. He underwent surgery on 1/12/04 to correct this problem. His bills were quite extensive due to the specialized care and thus the fund was established to help him and others like him in the future.

Barb Mazanec was a devoted GRIN member.  She put her whole being into GRIN in any way she could.  She was on numerous committees, volunteered at any and all events, a board member, and the Events Coordinator where she brought our fundraising program to a new level.  Barb died suddenly in July, 2010 and is greatly missed.  Barb's goal was to raise money and awareness about GRIN in order to continue to save as many Goldens as we can and provide for their medical expenses, great and small.

You can help these special Goldens and honor her memory by making a contribution to this fund to help the next golden needing care through this program.  Your contribution can be made by check payable to GRIN at the address to the right or click on the paypal link and designate your donation to be used in the Barb Mazanec Memorial Fund. 

GRIN is a non-profit organization, we rely solely on the generosity of kind and giving people like you! We're registered with a 501(c)(3) status so all of your donations, including sponsorships, are tax-deductible. Thank you for your generosity!