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The average ages of our rescued Goldens are 6-10 years of age, however GRIN does occasionally receive younger dogs that are in need of a home.  If you are interested in adopting a young dog, please do not wait until you see one on our website to apply for adoption.  Our approval process takes approximately 2-4 weeks to complete and by the time you have been approved for adoption, the younger dog will have already been placed into a loving home. Please start the application process now so that you can be on a waiting list for when GRIN does have younger dogs available.

Available for adoption -  Update & New Photos!
Gender: Female  Age:  8 years old

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Minx is an owner relinquishment. Her owner's living arrangements have unfortunately changed and she couldn't take Minx. Sweet Minx is very heavy at 135 lbs. She's been vetted and has been moved to a foster. The foster's biggest challenge is to help her lose the necessary weight slowly. Minx does get along with the resident dog, and her foster has gotten a ramp so Minx can navigate their stairs. Stay tuned to follow Minx's progress. 


Foster Update: 6/25/24

Minx, aka Minxie, Minnie the Minx, is a svelte senior girl that is full of personality. Minx’s foster mom says she’s never met a dog that is so expressive of her needs. Minxie knows what she likes and doesn’t like, and her non-verbal communication demonstrates her intelligence. Minx walks to the door and sits when she wants to go out, or she’ll come find you and tap you with a paw to let you know it’s time to eat, or she’d like a snack. She gets along with other dogs and though her playful puppy energy is behind her, she will occasionally run with the resident dog and four legged friends in the yard. She sometimes likes a hard chew, or a squeaky toy, but her favorite pastime is to lounge on the couch or receive pets and attention from people. Minx doesn’t like to go on walks and will pancake and pull back, but if it’s just a walk to the car or backyard she’s all in. If she wants attention and is feeling ignored, she’ll soft mouth something to get your attention and will hold onto the item for a bit. She loves car rides and when she’s gone to the vets, or groomer, she happily greets everyone. Minx is working on not barking at noises out the window and jumping up on guests to say hello. She has lost 40lbs while in foster care and currently weighs 100lbs, but Minx doesn’t realize she’s on the larger size and will beg to lay in the lap of new acquaintances. Minx is more comfortable when she knows her surroundings & routine, so she will need a patient family in her adoptive home as she settles in. She will then be the perfect companion dog, just wanting to lounge around and be showered with attention.


Foster Update: 4/25/24

Minx is a very smart girl who absolutely adores people. She loves attention when people come over and she can get a bit excited, however she calms quickly and is a Velcro dog to new guests. While she has been in foster care there have been quite a few dogs visiting ranging in age from one to eight and she has accepted them all. She isn’t a dog that wants to play, but she watches the chaos and will appropriately use her body language to calm the rambunctious pups, or she’ll go find a quiet place away from the commotion to nap. She would be fine as an only or have doggie siblings. 

Minx has made great strides in her foster home. She is crate trained, but also has been fine having free roam of the house while her foster is away. She is potty trained and will walk to the door to let you know she wants to go out.  She is learning how to walk on a leash. She is still a bit skittish and pulls, but each day she is getting more confident. A short time ago she was afraid to step out the door on a leash but now she tentatively goes around the block. She is always on guard duty and when you are home, she will bark if a car or person passes by, however, she is learning to remain calm and with a few pets she will quiet. If the curtains are closed, she is less likely to bark. She does not bark when her foster mom is away. Minx is a couch potato and likes to just chill on it most days. She also likes to lay in the fenced in yard on cool days and feel the breeze in her fur. Minx is a loving a loyal dog that is looking for a loyal human to care for her. She is a true companion dog and will provide comfort by her mere presence in your home.


Foster Update: 4/3/24

Statistically New Year's resolutions rarely stick, but with the right weight-loss program and realistic goals, Minx is staying the course. She came into GRIN at 139lbs and at her last weigh in she was 107lbs! While that's great news her 2024 has not been blessed with health and happiness and she ran into some bad luck. As she began to lose weight, a lump was found and it was confirmed to be a mast cell tumor. She underwent a surgery at the end of February to have the tumor removed and clear margins were obtained. Unfortunately, Minx's surgical site opened and she needed a surgical repair in the beginning of March. She also developed some infections. Minx has been an incredible patient. She took all her medications, always has a smile on her face despite everything she's been through & her foster mom is happy to report she appears to be on the mend. At the end of March all her stiches were removed, she has no more drains, or bandages and she just wears a t-shirt to keep the area clean. Minx is a very, very smart dog. She got a new puzzle toy and she solved it immediately.  She sits on cue and will give you a paw when prompted. Minx will bark at the front window if people or cars are outside, but her foster is continuing to work on this behavior and she is seeing improvements. Minx also loves to snatch shoes and hand towels but she's very playful about it and will accept a trade. All foster dogs have their little idiosyncrasies and when Minx snatches something she bats her eyes at you and her playful look melts your heart and makes you smile. Her foster believes some of her mischievous behavior is because she is on restricted activity while she's recovering from surgery and that can be boring. Her foster mom can't wait for her to get the go ahead to go on walks, play in the yard, and shed those last few pounds running in the grass under the sun. 


Foster Update: 1/30/24

This girl is eight years young with such a sweet disposition!   She has been on a weight loss journey while in her foster home.  Minx started out at 135 pounds and is now down to 113 pounds eating a kibble and green bean diet. She does still enjoy her treats though!   Minx loves attention and being petted and brushed. She enjoys being in her crate and is completely house trained.  Minx does well on a leash and would benefit from more activity.  She may prefer to be an only, but she does get along with all the other dogs that she has met while being in foster care.  She enjoys being around children and meeting new people.  With the weight loss has come more agility.  She now navigates stairs more easily and enjoys romping around the back yard.  Minx still has some fear about getting into the car, but once there rides very well.


Foster Update: 10/12/23

Minx is doing well in her foster home.  She is finally able to go up and down the couple of steps to get in and outside.  Getting up off of the floor is getting easier for her as well. Minx comes out of her crate in the morning to say hello the everyone, but she does seem to find it a safe haven. She & the resident dog are getting along well, some tail wags and sniffs between the two of them.  Minx does not to have much of an appetite and is only eating 1 meal a day, which is dog food mixed with the green beans.  She is getting more comfortable with her foster family, becoming more curious and courageous each day.

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Common Questions and Answers

Unfortunately, we are limited to where we have volunteers to support our activities. GRIN’s adoption process includes a home visit, and we must remain in the area in which our home visit volunteers are willing to travel. For a Golden rescue in your area, please visit Golden Retriever Rescue Network.
Now that you have applied for a GRIN dog, we trust you like and understand the Golden Retriever and are knowledgeable about the breed’s needs. That being said, here are some reasons why we discourage approved applicants from “picking out” a dog…
Yes, we are always looking for foster homes. Foster homes provide our Goldens the great start they need on their way to new lives. These homes provide the love, care, training and confidence that will help a dog adjust to a new environment. Without foster homes we are limited in the number of Goldens we can take into our program. It is an extremely fulfilling opportunity and yes it is sad when they go but what joy it brings to know what a difference you made in that dog’s life.
If your application is over 18 months old we would ask that you complete a new application to ensure we have the most current information on file about you and your household.
GRIN does require a fence for all dogs under 6 years of age. This rule was implemented after a number of incidents that put the safety of our dogs at risk. Some dogs come to us as strays or frightened and can be a flight risk.
Before being adopted out GRIN provides all of the necessary medical care including vaccinations, spay/neuter, and treatment for various medical or behavioral issues. GRIN spends an average of $1,200 per dog.
GRIN is a 100% volunteer organization. We are all volunteers and have jobs, families and outside commitments. If you feel your application has gone too long without contact, please visit our contact information section to make outreach to the applications team.
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