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Super Bowl Squares

From January 20, 2023 4:00 pm until February 09, 2023 8:00 pm
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GRIN's back with another year of Super Bowl Squares!

Contest Rules (Please Read ALL of Them):
1. This contest is open to everyone. You do not need to be a GRIN member or volunteer to participate.
2. You will need to create an account on the contest website to play. When you select a square and input your information, it will then prompt you to login or make a new account. This should be the same website as last year so if you participated, your login username and password should still work.
3. We are only doing 4 boards this year. Once the 4 are full, THAT's IT. So don't wait to select your squares.
4. You can select as many squares as you'd like on any combination of our 4 boards. For example, if you want to purchase a total of 10
squares, you can select 10 squares on one single board or split up the 10 between the 4 boards.
5. Squares are $10 each.
6. Once you select your squares, you have until 8pm EST on Thursday, February 9th to submit your payment for all of your squares. If you select squares on multiple boards, you only need to make one total payment for all of them. If all of your selected squares are not paid for by the deadline, we will delete your name from the unpaid squares and allow others to select them.
7. The score numbers across the top and down the left side of the boards will be assigned at random once each board is completely filled and payments for all squares on that board have been received.
8. Payouts are as follows for EACH filled board: the winner at the end of the 1st quarter, 2nd quarter and 3rd quarter will receive $100. The winner at the end of the game will receive $200. GRIN will keep $500 from each board.
9. Once you claim a square, you may get a pop-up message from the site for other possible contests. Please disregard this message and exit out of that pop-up. It is not affiliated with GRIN's contest at all. 

10. The link to pay below is the ONLY form of payment we are accepting for this contest. DO NOT go to our general donation page or send a check. We also do not have Venmo set up at this time.

The links and passwords for the 4 boards are:

Board 1:
Password: GRINBoard1

Board 2:
Password: GRINBoard2

Board 3:
Password: GRINBoard3

Board 4:
Password: GRINBoard4

The link to pay is:

Any questions about account creation, contest site, selecting squares,
or payment can be directed to Abby at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


A Home for Every Golden Retriever

If you’re on a stroll in your neighborhood and encounter a gregarious Golden Retriever who wants to say hello, it’s possible your new friend is an alumnus of GRIN – Golden Retrievers in Need Rescue Service. .

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What are people saying?

Everyone at GRIN has been supportive before, during and after the adoption of our senior girl Honey. We love our GRIN family who always puts the dogs needs first and foremost!
Lisa and Kim GRIN Adopters
"As we quickly approach the anniversary of Gus' adoption, our family wanted to send a BIG thank you your way. We feel so lucky to have found such a wonderfully supportive and dedicated group of people at GRIN."
Bethany GRIN Adopter
Fostering has been a wonderful experience for me, 12 years and 56 dogs later! I like being a step in the process of moving dogs into permanent, loving homes.